My Favorite Fitness and Weight Loss Websites

For those out of the loop, I’ve been on Nutrisystem since April 2011 and have lost about 75 pounds. Yay!

There are lots of ways I track my fitness and weight loss. I use websites to keep me motivated. Since it’s January and this is the time of year when many jump on the fitness wagon, I thought I’d share my favorite fitness and weight loss websites, in no particular order.


I like going for walks and bike rides, but it’s hard to track how well you did if you go purely by minutes. After all, that doesn’t take into account how far you went or the elevation change.

runkeeperSo, I use Runkeeper to plot out the walks and bike rides. You can use a map to draw out your route, even if it doesn’t follow a street and instead goes through a park. Then it tells you how far you went and how many calories you burned. (It does other stuff, too, but that’s what I use it for.)


Of course, I use the Nutrisystem website. I mostly use it to track my weight loss and to interact with the community.

nutrisystemIf I ever have a question about Nutrisystem, whether it’s wondering about free foods or adding a bun to the flame-broiled beef patty, I ask the forums. And, FYI, you can be a member for free without even ordering their food.


This website is solely for tracking your weight loss.

skinnyoAt Skinnyo, you can join “challenges” where you’re a part of a group and fight for top honors as the biggest “loser.” (I’m winning my challenge! Woo!) Every Monday, after I weigh-in, I go enter it in at Skinnyo.


This is one of my favorites lately.

At Fitocracy, you track your fitness. Did push-ups? Enter it. Danced to a video game? Enter it. You earn experience as you exercise and level up, just like a video game. (I’m level 6!) They even have quests and achievements. You can also join groups for more motivation. Fitocracy is currently invite-only, but if you want to join, email me and ask for an invite code, and I’ll send you one if I have any.

Have you been using any awesome fitness or weight loss websites? I want to hear about it! Tell me in the comments.


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  1. That’s a great list of websites. I use fitocracy, it’s very fun and feels like a game.

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