For Valentine’s Day: SheaMoisture Organic Red Bush & Sage Body Scrub

By now, you should be wandering-hair-free in preparation for Valentine’s Day. But what about your dry or flaky knees, elbows and lackluster skin?

For Valentine’s Day, you might want to try a body scrub from SheaMoisture.

sheaMoistureRedBush01The SheaMoisture Organic Red Bush & Sage Body Scrub features sugar as the main scrubby ingredient. Plus, it has red bush to help exfoliate and sage to calm your skin afterward.

The big 12 ounce tub features a huge chunk of the soft sugar scrub. It’s easy to take some and rub it over your skin while you shower.

Because of the sugar, plus all natural plant material, it smells like a super sweet and sugary tea. In other words: yummy.

This SheaMoisture body scrub does a great job of buffing skin and making it feel ultra moisturized. It does leave a bit of a greasy residue though, so make sure you rinse thoroughly after using it.

It’s Valentine’s time!

Get this body scrub if…

  • you want glowing skin for your big Valentine’s Day date.
  • you’re giving yourself a single girl’s spa day instead.
  • you just really love a sweet body scrub.

You can pick up the SheaMoisture Organic Red Bush & Sage Body Scrub at Target and Walgreens (in stores) for $9.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. It sounds like a great body scrub, although I’m not sure I’d like the super sweet scents…

    • Yeah, I know how you feel about sweetness. 😉

      But at least with this, it’s a natural sweet smell from the sugar, and not an added artificial scent.

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