Why Beauty Blogs Are Better

There’s an ongoing debate in the beauty blog world. Us bloggers believe we’re doing something worthwhile, while some big beauty magazines say we’re a bunch of amateurs only making blogs so we can get free stuff.

Now, I could extol the virtues of blogs by quoting DeVries’ study on beauty blog influence or write an editorial on the makeup artist slamming some beauty bloggers, and the backlash that ensued, but I thought I’d try something different:


So, I’m listing my reasons why (most) beauty blogs are better than magazines. What makes us a good choice for learning new beauty tricks or reading reviews?

I’m not saying we’re better than magazines in general. Magazines are great in their own way. But so are we.

Real Product Photos

The last time you flipped through a women’s magazine, did you notice any real photos of the products they featured?

I can already hear the “no” echoing through the Internet.

Rather than using PR images for everything, beauty bloggers mostly use real photos of the products we receive. We take pictures of the outside packaging, inside the jar, and a glob of the beautifying goo.

You see a product just as you would if you bought it yourself.

Swatches Galore

Just like the product packaging photos, real swatches are hard to come by.

Most beauty-lovers know there’s a different between how an eye shadow looks in the pan and how it applies to the skin. A deep purple may turn out sheer, or a green may look gray once dusted on with a makeup brush.

Beauty bloggers routinely show makeup in action, with swatches of lip gloss, eye shadow, foundation and more.

You see products in action for an honest look at a product.

Honest Reviews

When was the last time you read a negative review of a beauty product in a women’s magazine? Probably never. Instead, product recommendations read more like mini-advertisements.

But that’s not the case for most beauty blogs. We have a loyalty to our readers to give them honest reviews of products.

obliphica03 - c-And if we did start to lie, boy, we’d definitely hear about it from our readers. There’s no way we could give an undeserving positive review without having a backlash in the blog comments section. That gives us accountability.

You can trust what you read from product reviews.

Makeup Tutorials and How-Tos

Readers of beauty blogs get hands-on tutorials for all sorts of makeup techniques, whether a rainbow eye shadow tutorial, a home hair-dying class or details on a sparkly manicure.

At most beauty blogs, you’ll find tutorials and tips full of pictures so you can follow along at home. Many readers use beauty blogs to get inspiration for their own makeup looks, and look to blogs more often than magazines for this.

You can find inspiration and learn new tricks.

A Sense of Community

With magazines, you don’t really feel connected to the people writing the articles.

It’s the opposite in the blog world. We, as bloggers, are writing directly to our readers. It’s much more of a conversation. We encourage readers to comment, and we’ll even reply to our readers.

commentsIn that sense, that’s a much bigger sense of community and camaraderie, not just between the blogger and the read, but between the blogger and other beauty bloggers as well.

Plus, we open up the conversation to social media with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You feel like you’re part of a community.

We could debate all day about which is better: magazines or blogs. But, in the end, both mediums are great in their own way.

Why do you like beauty blogs? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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  1. I love makeup files blog. I’ve learned alot about products, the rewiews are helpful and its great to hear about products before you buy. I actually tried a new mascara just because of your review, and I love it. Your blog has been very helpful and fun. I also look forward to the posts on facebook. Keep up the great work!

  2. Another thing you won’t usually see, if not at all, in a magazine is the white cast you can get from some foundations.

    I have never gotten that information from magazines.

    • So true. In magazines, the pictures are digitally enhanced: “airbrushed.” You really can’t trust that what you’re seeing is accurate.

  3. Great post! I completely agree with you. I think magazines and blogs are two different mediums that target difference audiences but I prefer the latter for all the reasons you listed. Blogs tell you what a product really does and how it looks, which is very helpful. But the thing I like the most about blogs is that it gives you the opportunity to connect and become friends with people all over the world. 🙂

    • Yeah! I like being able to “know” people in Italy and Vietnam and talk to them about makeup and whatever. It’s a little community. 😀

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