Where the Magic Happens (And a Game of Blogger Tag)

Ever wonder where I am when I create the super awesomeness that is Makeup Files?

Wonder no more!

Here’s where the magic happens: my office. Don’t worry, it isn’t as dark in real life as it is in the picture.

I have my computer mounted on the wall so I have more desk space. And, as you see above, I’ve got a ton of books about writing.

(Can you spot the 5 Nutribears in this picture? Click on the image to see a bigger view.)

Now it’s your turn – time for the tag

What’s your office like? If you’re a blogger you should totally post a picture of your space and put it up on your blog. In fact…I’m tagging some of you to do just that!

My three favorite bloggers…

I tag you three to show us your workspace. And spread the tagging love when you do!

(This is the first time I’ve created my own blogging tag, so I’m kind of excited.)

And if any of you do this without me tagging you, I’d love to hear about it anyway! Let’s show each other where we blog!


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  1. What an interesting tag! I will do it soon.

    And I like your workplace, especially the computer on the wall. 🙂

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re going to do it, too!

      I used to have that computer on the desk, but, with such a big screen, it was a big pain to have so close to my eyes. Plus, more desk space!

  2. Thanks, Trisha for tagging me! I’m going to do it! I love your idea of mounting the computer to the wall. And look at the teddy bears!

  3. Aw, thanks for tagging me! I will save this one for next week’s wigeon 😀

    Love that you mounted your computer to the wall, that’s a genius way to save space. And the Nutribears are always there to keep you company, they look so cute perched on your desk!

    • Normally my Nutribears are hanging out in the living room. Right now they’re lined up in rainbow order on a chair. But, some of them really wanted to be in the picture, so I obliged. 😉

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