Nails of the Day: Brown and Green With Layla Magneffect

Back in November, I showed you two shades of Layla Magneffect nail polish: Velvet Groove and Golden Nugget. The cool thing about Magneffect is the hologram-like effect created by a magnet in the cap.

Well, I have two new colors to show you from the line: Chic Brown and Mojito Green.

They’re so unassuming in the bottle.

This is how they look in action:

LaylaMag02Ooo, stripy. And those stripes are created by the magnet. Pretty cool.

The picture above is with one coat of polish for each color with no base or top coat. It’s also a few days into wearing it, hence the bit of wear at the tips.

For it only being one coat, I’d say it’s holding up nicely.

These two colors are brand new, so they’re not on Zappos yet, but they should be soon. Keep checking! And when they are, they’re $15.50 each.

On a side note…

That Mojito Green polish looks perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. And, speaking of which, what are your plans for the big day?

At the very least, I’m going to wear some green. And maybe even do a green-themed Face of the Day. We’ll see!

And hey, if you have any suggestions of things to do for the holiday, I want to hear them!


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  1. For one coat of the lacquer, that’s an impressive coverage.

  2. That green is gorgeous!

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