Nouveau Contour Semi-Permanent Makeup Liners Means It’s Okay to Cry

Makeup is awesome and all (and obviously you agree since you’re at a beauty blog), but there is one downside to wearing it: it melts.

Let me paint you a little picture: you’re invited to the wedding of your best friend from high school. You always had feelings for him—maybe you even loved him—but you were never more than friends. Now you’re supposed to sit there and watch as he greets another woman at the alter.

The tears fall from a mixture of emotions. You’re happy for him, but you’re also sad that it wasn’t you up there in that pretty white dress.

But, uh oh, now that you’ve cried, you take out the little compact mirror in your purse and see, with horror, that your eyeliner has streamed down your face along with the tears.


Yeah, okay, that’s not a normal thing that can happen. But tears do fall and sweat does bead up when you’re stressed, nervous or going for your afternoon jog. You shouldn’t have to worry about your makeup.

Nouveau Contour has created Semi-Permanent Makeup Liners. There are a wide range of colors and they can be used for lining your eyes or filling in your lips. You could even use them to draw a cute little design on your face. And the coolest thing about these is that they’re “semi-permanent” (because they stay much better than other liners) so they don’t melt like other eyeliners would. They’re supposed to last up to 24 hours without any trouble.

NouveauLiners01I got to try…

The Nouveau Corrector is used when you make a mistake and you want to quickly remove the offending color.

NouveauLiners02My favorite part is the tips. They have a felt tip like a marker. I found that if you’re using just the tip, not much color shows up. It’s most effective if you use it at an angle.

Here are the colors in action. The Marine Blue and Cleopatra Black are great for eyeliner. Since they’re a bit wet and not sticky, they don’t work super well on the waterline. But, as a regular liner, they stick to the spot and don’t come down like a typical gel or kohl eyeliner.

The Gala Pink (which looked red in certain lights) worked really well on my lips as a lip tint. Once it soaked into the skin, it didn’t come off on a glass of water like lipstick or gloss would.

NouveauLiners04Here, I rubbed a line of the Nouveau Corrector across the swatch. It removed the semi-permanent liners really easily.

Speaking of removing the liner, one fear I had was that it would be really hard to remove with makeup remover. That wasn’t the case. It came off just as easily as any other eyeliner, and maybe even a little better than sticky kohl liner.

The Final Verdict

One of the purposes of the Nouveau Contour Semi-Permanent Makeup Liners is to draw out what you want before you get permanent makeup tattooed on. While I can’t attest to their ability in that situation, I thought they worked well as a regular liner: their other purpose. They didn’t melt when I got sweaty or cried and the colors were bright and easy to apply. But, since the tips didn’t hold much color, I couldn’t create as sharp or thin a line as I should have been.

I give the liners a…


You can pick these up at the Nouveau Contour website for $19.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. I love the look of that reddish pink liner, it’s really pretty!

  2. bahahha love your little story at the beginning! I was concerned these would be hard to be remove too, so it’s good to know they come off easily. I’m with you on the tips though, I’d love it if they could do this with a tip similar to the LORAC front of the line liners.

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