For St. Patrick’s Day: LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the party. Whether or not you’re reaching for the green beer, you’ll probably be too partied-out to bother washing your hair the next day. Who has the energy for that, anyway?

If you anticipate a tired morning the day after SPD, you might want to try the LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo.

Unlike most dry shampoos that come in a spray can, powdery No Drought comes in a bottle that would normally be used for liquids or gels.

Because of this, it’s a little harder to use. I recommend putting a bit of the powder in your hand before applying it directly to unwashed hair.

My favorite part: the scent! No Drought uses lemon, grapefruit and lime oils, but the lime is the most recognizable. Since it has a sweetness, it reminds me of key lime pie.

A warning: be careful opening this for the first time. The bottle is sealed, so you have to peel back the seal underneath the cap. When I peeled mine back, “POOF!” The powder sprayed all over me, head to toe. I had to laugh. It was pretty hilarious (I wish I got a picture of the aftermath!). Even though it seemed like a lot got on me, it barely made a dent in the contents of the bottle, which is a good thing.

And, hey, at least I smelled like key lime pie!

It’s Irish time!

Get the LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo if…

  • you anticipate not wanting to shower after St. Patrick’s Day.
  • you prefer vegan beauty products.
  • you like the smell of key lime pie.
  • you’re in need of some dry shampoo.

You can pick this up at LUSH for $12.95 for a 4.6 oz. bottle.


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  1. I’ve never tried dry shampoo before and am really getting curious how it feels like. I’m your traditional liquid shampoo gal so I wonder if the transition’s gonna be hard?

    • Hi, Sandra! Dry shampoo doesn’t replace your regular liquid shampoo schedule. You’d wash your hair as you normally would, then only use the dry shampoo on off days. Dry shampoos work best with greasy day-old hair. It makes it like new again when you can’t wash your hair conventionally. I hope this helps!

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