Nails of the Day: PixiGlow Nail Colour in Pirouette Pink

My birthday is tomorrow, so I’m taking it easy this week when it comes to work. Still, I had to stop in to show you my nails. Super pinkness to the rescue!

Check out the pink–with a slight golden shimmer–from this PixiGlow Nail Colour. The color is called Pirouette Pink and it’s supposed to be inspired by Disney’s Tinkerbell.

That makes me a little confused though. Tinkerbell wears green and has blonde hair. There’s nothing pink about her. (In fact, does this color remind anyone else of Barbie?)

Still, it’s a lovely shade.

By the way, that’s two coats. It could have used one more, but the nail polish was so thick that I didn’t feel confident doing a third. Another downside: it was a bit streaky and the brush was thinner than average.

Up until this point, I’ve really liked everything from the PixiGlow line, but this one just has too many flaws to ignore. I give the PixiGlow Nail Colour in Pirouette Pink a…


You can pick this up at Target or the Pixi website for $8.00.


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  1. I feel sad that it didn’t work for you. It’s such a fun color!

  2. I think you are thinking of the Disney version of Tinkerbell, which is not necessarily exactly the same as Tinkerbell from the book “Peter Pan”. The picture on the bottle is not Disney…

    • Hi, Kristin! The PixiGlow line is a partnership between Pixi and Disney, so this really is supposed to be the Disney version of Tinkerbell. She just looks a bit different on the packaging because of the stylish non-kid-like design (although she still has the green outfit and blonde hair).

      Learn more about the PixiGlow line here:

  3. What a shame about the formula. The color looks so pretty and I love the packaging too.

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