Nutrisystem Nation Week 52 and Before and After a Year of Weight Loss

Today’s a big day. It marks the end of my 52nd week on Nutrisystem. That means I’ve been losing weight for an entire year. A year!

While this post is still going to have my weekly weigh-in and periodic body measurements, it’s really all about my Nutrisystem anniversary (or “Nutriversary”). How much progress have I seen in a year?

Plus, before and after pictures!


Let’s talk about numbers.

Weight loss is all about the numbers, isn’t it? And I’ve had a lot of change when it comes to digits.

In the past year…

  • I’ve lost 83.4 pounds.
  • That equals about 1.6 pounds lost per week on average.
  • I’ve gone from a tight size 18 to a roomy size 12.
  • I’ve gone from an XXL to a roomy L.
  • I’ve gone from a 42DDD to a 38C or 38D.
  • I’ve lost a total of 44.5 inches over my upper arm, chest, waist, hips and thigh. And that’s just one upper arm and one thigh.
  • I’ve had a 32.63% weight loss percentage. That’s about a third of my body.

Want some visuals? Here’s my before and after weight loss photos for the year:

On the left, my 28th birthday. On the right, my 29th birthday. (click on the picture for a closer view)

Wow! It’s so weird how much someone can change in a year, and not just the color of their hair.

I have a waist!

Although it’s now been a year on Nutrisystem, I’m not done losing weight. So, let’s talk about my future numbers:

  • I have 17.2 pounds left to lose to go from overweight to normal BMI.
  • I have 37.2 pounds left to lose to reach my goal weight of 135 pounds.

Only 37.2 pounds? That’s nothing when you think about all I’ve achieved in the last year. I’ll be getting there soon enough!

A Pause for Thanks

I just want to say a quick thank you to Meredith and everyone else at Nutrisystem for giving me this awesome opportunity. I know I wouldn’t be celebrating such an awesome year of success if it wasn’t for them.

Thank you!

Now for the weigh-in.

I want to preface my weigh-in with the reminder that yesterday was Easter…

Okay, this is what the scale said this morning:

week52I’ve gained 3.4 pounds this week. That means I’ve lost 83.4 pounds in the last 52 weeks.

Darn you, Easter! And, just like after Christmas, I’ve gained a little (a lot?). You’ll see me back down next week. Don’t worry.

Body measurements, y’all!

I measure parts of my body every 4 weeks to see changes in size. Here are the changes from week 48 to now:

  • Upper arm: No Change (-4.5 inches total)
  • Chest: –0.75 inches (-11.5 inches total)
  • Waist: –0.5 inches (-10.5 inches total)
  • Hips: No Change (-12 inches total)
  • Thigh: +0.25 inches (-6 inches total)

That means I’ve lost 1 inch total in the last 4 weeks, and 44.5 inches total in 52 weeks.

I’m not surprised at all that I gained a little in my thighs. I started running this week, and doing some new harder-core exercises on the days I’m not running. My thighs are getting super muscly!

Here’s my progress starting a year ago:

  • Week 1: –6.4 pounds
  • Week 2: –2.4 pounds (-8.8 total)
  • Week 3: –3.8 pounds (-12.6 total)
  • Week 4: –2.4 pounds (-15.0 total)
  • Week 5: –3.0 pounds (-18.0 total)
  • Week 6: –1.6 pounds (-19.6 total)
  • Week 7: –3.4 pounds (-23.0 total)
  • Week 8: –1.0 pounds (-24.0 total)
  • Week 9: –2.6 pounds (-26.6 total)
  • Week 10: –3.4 pounds (-30.0 total)
  • Week 11: –0.6 pounds (-30.6 total)
  • Week 12: –4.2 pounds (-34.8 total)
  • Week 13: –1.0 pounds (-35.8 total)
  • Week 14: –1.8 pounds (-37.6 total)
  • Week 15: –3.0 pounds (-40.6 total)
  • Week 16: –1.2 pounds (-41.8 total)
  • Week 17: –2.8 pounds (-44.6 total)
  • Week 18: +0.8 pounds (-43.8 total)
  • Week 19: –2.6 pounds (-46.4 total)
  • Week 20: –1.4 pounds (-47.8 total)
  • Week 21: –1.6 pounds (-49.4 total)
  • Week 22: –3.4 pounds (-52.8 total)
  • Week 23: –2.6 pounds (-55.4 total)
  • Week 24: –0.6 pounds (-56.0 total)
  • Week 25: –1.8 pounds (-57.8 total)
  • Week 26: –1.4 pounds (-59.2 total)
  • Week 27: –2.2 pounds (-61.4 total)
  • Week 28: –1.0 pound (-62.4 total)
  • Week 29: –1.6 pounds (-64.0 total)
  • Week 30: –2.6 pounds (-66.6 total)
  • Week 31: –0.6 pounds (-67.2 total)
  • Week 32: –0 pounds (-67.2 total)
  • Week 33: –2.2 pounds (-69.4 total)
  • Week 34: +1.0 pounds (-68.4 total)
  • Week 35: –3.0 pounds (-71.4 total)
  • Week 36: –1.0 pounds (-72.4 total)
  • Week 37: +2.6 pounds (-69.8 total)
  • Week 38: –1.4 pounds (-71.2 total)
  • Week 39: –3.4 pounds (-74.6 total)
  • Week 40: –0.2 pounds (-74.8 total)
  • Week 41: –1.4 pounds (-76.2 total)
  • Week 42: –0.4 pounds (-76.6 total)
  • Week 43: –0.6 pounds (-77.2 total)
  • Week 44: –0.8 pounds (-78.0 total)
  • Week 45: –0.8 pounds (-78.8 total)
  • Week 46: –0.6 pounds (-79.4 total)
  • Week 47: –2.4 pounds (-81.8 total)
  • Week 48: –1.4 pounds (-83.2 total)
  • Week 49: –1.8 pounds (-85.0 total)
  • Week 50: –1.2 pounds (-86.2 total)
  • Week 51: –0.6 pounds (-86.8 total)
  • Week 52: +3.4 pounds (-83.4 total)

Okay, now I’m off to run!

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.


PS: Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting the Nutrisystem website.

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  1. Trisha, you are amazing (you always were)! I’m so proud of you! Keep up the good work and great attitude!

    • Thank you, Jes! That means a lot. Plus, you’ve known me long enough to know I really am this amazing on a regular basis. I agree! 😉

  2. You look great and are such an inspiration Trisha! You must be so proud, well done!

  3. Wow! Congratulations to you! You are doing such an amazing job!

  4. Trisha, You are an inspiration! What a great job!

  5. Congrats girl!!! Looking good !!! Way to go:)

  6. What a difference a year makes! Those numbers are amazing! It must feel great to know that when you set your mind to it you can accomplish big things. I wouldn’t worry about the gain, just get back into the rhythm of the program and exercising and you’ll be on your way to your goal weight! Huge congrats on a great year of impressive results.

    • Thanks, Sue! It honestly does feel amazing that I’ve stuck with it for a whole year. 1 year is a long time when it comes to weight loss. It feels like it’s sticking this time around. I’d be really surprised if I let myself gain it all back.

  7. This is amazing Trisha! You should be so proud of yourself to keeping at this, it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. And just in case this wasn’t clear, I’m proud of you too. You’re awesome! 🙂

  8. Hey Trisha, you’re an inspiration to me for sticking with it! I’m actually about to go on Nutrisystem, I’m supposed to be getting my food today. I was wondering if you’re on the forums and if so what your username is? Thanks again and I can’t wait to read your post when you finally reach your goal! You’re almost there!

    • Thanks, Ashley!

      I used to hang out on the Nutrisystem forums, but not anymore. Not for any real reason or anything. I’m just not that social. 🙂

      Good luck with your Nutrisystem journey! I’m here if you ever have any questions. You’re going to do great! 😀

  9. I found myself feeling very sad and had stumbled upon your site the other day. I became re-inspired and with a go to attitude that if you can do it, so can I! I am on NS and am a newbie. I still have so much to learn.
    Good job on ALL of your successes and I don’t know you, but I am proud of you!

  10. Wow, you look amazing, seriously! Congrats, Trisha!

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