10 Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Now that I’ve got you sleeping like a pro with 10 Tips for Better Beauty Sleep, you might be spending far too much time in bed.

bedIf you’re having trouble pulling yourself from the warm embrace of an expertly piled mound of down comforters and fluffy pillows, I can help with that, too.

10 Reasons to Get Out of Bed

  1. You haven’t broken in those new heels yet. You’ve been meaning to. Now’s your chance!
  2. You haven’t read the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Mockingjay is waiting for you…Might as well read it before the next movie comes out.
  3. You have some frozen waffles and Nutella spread waiting for you in the kitchen. Come on. You know you want to eat it.
  4. You smell fresh-cooked bacon. Even if it’s not coming from your house, how can you lounge about when bacon’s in the air? And maybe your neighbor will let you borrow some.
  5. You haven’t done your nails in a fun way. Maybe you want some sparkly tips or a red and white French manicure. Time to get it done.
  6. You hate bed hair. So messy and scruffy? You’d better get up.
  7. You actually like your job. That’s so rare. You should be happy!
  8. You don’t want to miss the next episode of Castle. Me either! When are Castle and Beckett going to get together already?!
  9. You haven’t written the next great American (or Canadian, or wherever you’re from) novel yet. You can always start today. It’s never too late!
  10. You want to read Makeup Files and you don’t have a laptop. Aww, you’re so sweet.

Then again, you can do at least half of these in bed, so…


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  1. The nutella reason is enough to get me out of bed anytime!
    Now I need to have some reasons to start exercising…

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