Could You Use the Beauty Spoon?

I hate it when I get a beauty product that I love, only to be unable to get the last drops out of the bottle. It’s maddening!

Some people with a bit of ingenuity decided to make a product that could help with that: Beauty Spoon.

beautySpoon01The Beauty Spoon comes in a two-pack. You get:

  • 10-inch Beauty Spoon with a 0.75-inch wide spatula
  • 7-inch Beauty Spoon with a 0.5-inch wide spatula

beautySpoon02At the top of the spoon, you get a thick handle that’s easy to hold.

At the other end, the “spoon” part. This is just like the kind of rubber spatula you’d use while baking a cake, but on a much smaller scale. The plus side with this type of spoon is that it’s soft so it can fit into bottles with smaller mouths. The spatula spoon has a lip on one side to make it easier to scrape product off the inside of a bottle.

As you can see, it also has a bendy party so it can move around tight spaces.

beautySpoon04How do you use it?

Pick out a bottle of beauty product where you’re having a hard time getting out the last few drops/blobs. Stick the spatula end of the Beauty Spoon into the bottle and swirl it around to pick up the product. Pull it out an you’ve got more product so you’re not throwing away hard-earned beauty money.

The Plus Side: This gets out product that you couldn’t get at before, saving you some money. Also, it keeps the contents clean, since using your fingers could introduce bacteria to your beauty products.

The Down Side: Even though this comes in two sizes, the smallest size still doesn’t fit inside a wide range of bottles. If you have a product with a very small opening, you’ll have to find another method to get everything out (or give up). And, since most hard-to-get-out beauty products have super small openings, this is a bit of a problem.

For these reasons, I give the Beauty Spoon 2-pack a…


You can pick this up at the official Beauty Spoon website for $9.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. This is such a cool idea, what a shame it doesn’t fit into most bottles.

  2. Hello! Here’s a quick tip from the creator of the Beauty Spoon®…

    For the smallest of bottles, use your fingers to curl the spoon inward on the 7-inch tool and it will fit in a bottleneck that is half the size of the spoon (0.25 in) and will remove liquids easily as it has a contoured design. Try it and you’ll be surprised how many small containers it will easily fit inside.

    Happy Spooning!

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