Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel and Luminous Creme Blush Preview and Swatches

Have you heard of Youngblood? This mineral cosmetics company can be found only in high end stores like select Fred Segal and Henri Bendel, as well as spas and online.

Youngblood has some new things coming out in June 2012 I thought you might want to get a sneak peek. (Yay! Sneak peek!)

For the summer season they have:

  • Mighty Shiny Lip Gel ($25.50)
  • Luminous Crème Blush in two new shades ($27.00)

youngbloodSummer2012-02The Mighty Shiny Lip Gels come in a plastic see-through tube so you know exactly what you’re getting. Above is “Stripped”, a shimmery clear gel. Below is “Bared,” a sheer peach gel.

youngbloodSummer2012-03To use, you squeeze the tube and the gel comes out the end. Easy access.

youngbloodSummer2012-04This is what they look like out of the tube. You can see that they’re super shiny with sheer pigment. They’re also a bit sticky (which is a bummer if you have long hair and it’s windy outside.)

youngbloodSummer2012-05While Youngblood’s Luminous Crème Blushes are nothing new, they have added two new shades for June, 2012. I got to try Pink Cashmere.

Don’t be fooled by the condensation, by the way. This happens during shipping with most cream blushes and eye shadows. It goes away after a while.

youngbloodSummer2012-06The Luminous Crème Blush goes on easy and turns into a somewhat powdery consistency once rubbed in. I’m the most impressed with this blush from what I’ve tried for their summer line.

You can have the blush subtler just by rubbing it in a little bit more, which I like.

Have you tried Youngblood? What do you think of their new summer products?


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  1. The blush looks very pretty!

  2. I’ve heard about Youngblood just recently because of the growing popularity of mineral make-ups. Love how neutral yet pretty the creme blush is!

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