Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Primer and Sun Protection Brush SPF 30

Last week I went on vacation, and I took the Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable primer and powder with me. As I promised, I’m giving you a review!

I’d been looking for something for my face that would give good sun protection but wouldn’t have that thick SPF scent you find in most sunscreens. Is the Colorescience Pro collection a winner in that respect? It is a favorite of Maria Menounos, after all.

coloresciencePro01I got to try…

coloresciencePro02You start with the primer (for best results, use this right after your regular daily face moisturizer). It has a thick, creamy consistency. I found that one pump of the primer was enough to cover my entire face.

Essentially, it’s like a tinted SPF. It comes in only one color: beige. That shade looked great on me, but it might not work for ladies with really dark skin.

Success!! There was absolutely no scent with this Colorescience Pro Primer. It didn’t reek of SPF chemicals like other sun protection products. That’s because it uses titanium dioxide (5.57%) and zinc oxide (5.57%), which don’t have a scent. That means it acts like a sun block, rather than a sunscreen: It protects you by sitting on top of your skin rather than soaking into it.

After the primer, it’s time to use the powder. The Colorescience Pro Sun Protection Brush is an all-in-one face powder. You pull off the cap, pull down the brush shade, and flick your fingers through the bristles. This brings the powder from the end of the bottle into the brush. (I worry that as the powder gets used up, there won’t be a way for me to get at what little is left. We’ll see…)

Then you just dust it over your face.

Unlike the primer, this comes in several shades. I used Fair, since my skin is so light. You also have the choice of regular or shimmer. Of course, I’m all about the shimmer. The small sparklies are super subtle so you don’t look like you’re walking around with glitter all over your face.

The powder has SPF 30 as well. It has the same active ingredients as the primer, but 12% of each. Keep in mind that powder SPF isn’t as effective as the cream stuff, as mentioned by my pal Gio at Beautiful With Brains. Still, when you pair it with the primer, you’re coming away with more protection in the end.

The Final Verdict

Sometimes my opinions are affected more from outside circumstances than my initial reaction. While I liked how this felt and loved that it didn’t smell of chemicals, I formed my final opinion when someone I know said this as she gazed at my face:

“Wow, your skin looks so healthy.”

Yay! If a skin product can give me that kind of reaction, I like it. Sure, the primer is a one-shade-fits-most, but…honestly, I like it anyway. (I guess Maria Menounos knows what she’s doing!) I give the Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable primer and brush duo an…


You can buy these in select spas or on Colorescience Pro’s website for $50 each.


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  1. Cool! I’ve never seen SPF primer. I finally found your subscribe page. I must have been blind because it was at the top but I’m so used to looking for it on the right side area.

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