A Feet Spa Day With LUSH Happy Feet Gift Set

I’ve been putting my feet through a lot lately. I’ve been pounding the pavement three times a week to finish the Couch to 5K running program in preparation for a 5K race I’m doing in July. (And I’m in the last week of the program! Go me!)

Since my poor feet have been through a lot, I was more than happy to try the new Happy Feet gift set from LUSH.

lushHappyFeet01Happy Feet is all about a full spa day for your feet.

lushHappyFeet02Rather than LUSH’s usually gift-wrapped box for their gift sets, Happy Feet comes in a knot wrap decorated with adorable feet that you can reuse after-the-fact.

Inside the gift set, you get…

  1. Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb. You throw this in a tub of hot water and soak your feet in the fizzing water. It smells like pine and sea salt and is very soothing.
  2. Stepping Stone Foot Scrub. Once your feet are soaked, rub this foot-shaped scrub over your feet to soften up the skin, then rinse. This one had my favorite scent of the bunch: just like lime!
  3. Volcano Foot Mask. This one works just like a mud mask that you’d use on your face. Cover your feet and let it sit (outside of the water) for 15 minutes. While it worked great, this one had the weirdest scent. Scents of clay, lemon and tomato make for an odd, odd fragrance.
  4. Fair Trade Foot Lotion. Once the foot mask is rinsed off, cover your feet in this pink-tinted lotion. Put on some soft socks to hold in the moisture. This one is also odd-scented (whoever thought cocoa butter and spearmint went together?), but it grew on me.

Even though two of the four products have kind of a weird scent, in the end, when all was said and done, my feet smelled great. And felt great. They were soft and supple, like I hadn’t just ran for 30 minutes straight.

And I LOVED taking a spa day for my toes. My feet are definitely happy.

Although the bath bomb is one-time-use, the other three can be used again (especially if you break the foot scrub into chunks like I did.)

For these reasons, I give Happy Feet a…


You can pick this up at LUSH for a limited time for $24.95.


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  1. hahahah what a cute name, and sounds like a heavenly spa treatment.

    Also, 5k! That’s amazing, you’ll have to tell us all about the race 🙂

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