4 Ways to Protect Your Hands From Aging

You know those games at carnivals where the worker is supposed to guess your age? If they’re right, you lose. If they’re wrong, you might win a small stuffed turtle or a picture of Justin Bieber.

My mom once told me…

“When they guess your age, they don’t look at your face or your clothes or listen to your voice for clues. They look at your hands. Hands age, and that’s hard to hide.”

It got me thinking about anti-aging products. We’re all so conscious of how our face can age, but we never do anything about our hands.

If you want to keep your hands looking young, follow these tips.

4 Ways to Keep Your Hands Looking Young

  1. Spread the SPF. Just like you do on your face and body, you should be using SPF on your hands to protect from the aging sun. Unfortunately, we often forget about the tops of our hands when using sunscreen. Make a point to cover your entire hands with SPF.
  2. Moisturize your mitts. Dry skin can get cracked and wrinkle faster. Use hand lotion whenever you’re feeling dry. Use a thick, heavy lotion before bed so you wake up with soft hands.
  3. Use anti-aging products. Do you use anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products on your face? Every time you spread one of these over your cheeks, add a little bit to the tops of your hands as well. And, if you ever get an anti-aging product for your face that feels a little too harsh, use it for your hands instead, as this skin is less sensitive.
  4. Ditch the dishes. You only get one pair of hands. Pick up a cheap pair of gloves to wear when washing the dishes so the hot water and harsh soap won’t prematurely age your hands.

If you follow all of these rules, you should be able to keep your hands looking young a lot longer. The next time you’re at the carnival, maybe you’ll win that stuffed turtle!


Photo credit: Lauren Peralta

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  1. I needed this post! Thanks so much for the tips and I thought it was clever and cute to tell us what to do using a carnival story. :] The face-products-on-hand trick really works! I usually put my face products on the back of my left hand before applying it to my face and the top of my left hand was brighter, softer, and overall prettier. I did this for about a year until I realized!

  2. My mum also told me this once and I look at my hands whenever I think of aging, lol! I put face moisturizer on my hands, too. I mean, whatever we like to put on our faces gets tested on our wrists and at the back of our hands, right? 🙂

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