72-Hour Protection With Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant? I’d say so.

I’m no stranger to anti-perspirant and deodorant. Like most Americans, I started wearing the stuff daily starting at puberty. After all, we want to smell great, right?

But the way I’ve always understood deodorant, you put it on your underarms every morning so you don’t sweat too much and you smell good. Every day.

Then I hear the Certain Dri promise. They say you only need to use it 2 to 3 times a week. Not every day. And it’s supposed to work for 72 hours.

What?! Why haven’t I heard of this sooner?!

certainDri01The Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant comes in a roll-on and a solid. I chose the solid because those are always my favorite.

certainDri02As it says on the package, highlighted in bright yellow so you don’t forget, you apply this only at bedtime. Again, not every day, but every few days.

I decided to apply it right before bed every two days, and see what happens.

The first day after using this, I sweated about as much as I would have if I’d used an anti-perspiring that morning. I smelled good; I barely sweated. Success.

Two days after using it, the success wasn’t as great (though still surprisingly good.) See, Certain Dri is an anti-perspirant, but not a deodorant. While it smells nice and baby powdery when it goes on, that scent wears off by day two, especially if you’ve been showering in the interim.

So, while I still didn’t sweat much, I didn’t smell so great. Not on day 2. It wasn’t strong or anything, but there definitely was a panicked moment at my mom’s house where I had to sneak her deodorant so I wouldn’t smell slightly of “trucker” around my relatives.

This didn’t happen every second day. It really only happened if I did a lot of normally sweat-inducing activities, like running or spending all day in the sun.

As the packaging suggests, you may want to use a deodorant here and there if you need it, in addition to using Certain Dri every few days.

The Final Verdict

I was so pleased that this actually worked. Think of it this way: using your anti-perspirant less often means it’ll last longer. Which will save you money. And it will cut down on the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning (barely, but every second counts.) And since Certain Dri never promised to make me smell good, and only that I wouldn’t sweat, I can’t knock it too much for giving me the Eau de Trucker scent the second day.

For these reasons, I give it a…


You can pick this up at mass market retailers, drugstores and Amazon for $5.50 suggested retail price.


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