The 6-in-1 Deluxe Manicure Tool Makes Me Feel Handy

I like gadgets. If you looked in one of my kitchen cabinets, you would see a wide array of appliances for cooking all manner of foods (bread, waffles, crepes, omelets, whatever). But my love for gadgetry extends far beyond the kitchen.

When I heard about the 6-in-1 Deluxe Manicure Tool, sold at CVS, I was pretty interested. And then when I saw it in the packaging, I let out a nice, sincere, “Ooooo.”

6in1Mani01I mean, the thing looks like a Swiss Army Knife! But for your nails!

But, just like with anything, it doesn’t matter how cool the idea is if it doesn’t actually work well.

In the tool, you get…

  • Nail clippers (the large size that can also work for your toes)
  • Double-sided nail file and buffer
  • Nail brush
  • Double-sided nail cleaner and cuticle pusher.

All of that on one tool. Neat!

The nail clippers were the best quality of everything on the tool. They cut my nails cleanly and, because the leverage was so good, I didn’t need to apply a lot of pressure. The comfort grip helps, too.

The nail brush worked just fine, too.

The nail file does its job well, but the buffer wasn’t as good as I hoped. Most buffers have multiple levels for creating a progressive shine, but this only has one. It wasn’t coarse enough on its own to buff out deep ridges in my nails.

6in1Mani03The cuticle pusher/nail cleaner pulls out. I liked the stiff plastic when using the pointed nail cleaner end of the tool, but that same stiff plastic didn’t work as well for the cuticle pusher. Pushers should have a bit of give so you don’t tear at your cuticles.

6in1Mani04The best part of the 6-in-1 Deluxe Manicure Tool was the portability. Look how small it is when it’s all folded up. I think I’ll keep this one in my makeup bag in my purse (but remember to take it out if going on a plane or it’ll get confiscated.)

The Final Verdict

I really liked this tool, but it wasn’t perfect. The clippers, file and cleaner were all top-notch, but the buffer and cuticle pusher fell short. And the brush was only okay. Still, for something that you can find at a drugstore, it’s worth a look. For these reasons, I give the 6-In-1 Deluxe Manicure Tool a…


You can pick this up at CVS for $6.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. That does look cool though 😀

  2. Just imagine myself whipping this out in front of my male nerd friends makes me feel giddy 🙂 It’s a cool gadget and I hope Swiss Army Knife would make a deluxe version out of it.

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