LUSH’s New Emotional Brilliance Makeup Line In Action

LUSH, most known for its bath and skin care items, has now made the foray into makeup, and, like always, they’re doing things a little differently.

The Emotional Brilliance collection isn’t just about providing you with lip color, liquid eyeliner and cream eye shadow. Instead, each shade is tied to an emotion. Pretty cool!

You can spin a wheel in stores or online to pick which three colors (and subsequent emotions) work for you. The first color is your strength or weakness, the second is your subconscious, and the third is your aspiration. Try it out!

Of the collection, which officially released in LUSH stores on July 21, 2012, I got to try, from left to right…

Product pictures are all well and good, but let’s see these three colors in action.

lushEB02Each of the products comes with a built-in applicator to make it easy to use. I liked how smoothly all three products—eye shadow, eyeliner and lip color—went on.

And, hey! They look pretty good! Especially the liquid eyeliner. That is one motivational blue.

lushEB03Although it’s called “cream eye shadow” it’s a bit more liquidy than creamy. Like most cream eye shadows, this one creased a bit by the end of the day when I didn’t use a primer. But, it didn’t crease nearly as badly as some other cream shadows.

The lip color had a very slight matte iridescence, which I liked.

What colors/emotions would you like to try from this new collection?


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  1. No color can capture my subconscious *waggly eyebrows* 😛

    Love it, gorgeous colors and fun concept. The blue liner looks awesome on you!

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