Nails of the Day: Red Dragon

Sometimes I just walk up to my nail polishes, grab a few things, and have a go. I don’t plan out what it will look like ahead of time. I just choose the colors on a whim.

That’s what I did this time, channeling the best of my spontaneity, and ended up with something that reminded me of a red Chinese dragon.

I used Wet N Wild MegaLast Nail Polish in Clear Top Coat for a base and top coat. The red is Wet N Wild MegaLast Nail Polish in I Red a Good Book and the gold confetti-like glitter is Wet N Wild ColorIcon Nail Polish in Give Me a Price Quote.

Wet N Wild sure likes to pick odd color names.

When I asked my mom what she thought of this manicure, she said…

“Well…it’s so fancy! It looks like something more for the holidays.”

She had a point there. The red and gold, while reminding me of a Chinese dragon, also had the comforting feel of Christmas. Yeah, this would be good for a holiday party.

But I don’t mind wearing it in the summer, either!

What’s on your nails right now? Does it work for the season?


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  1. That’s so pretty. I love the colours you used, they go so well together and remind me of a red Chinese dragon too.

  2. Love the color combination! hahaha I do see what your mom saw, although that red is a bit brighter and more orangey than what I typically see used around the holidays. Super gorgeous. Must try this soon.

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