Pixi Lash Line Ink and Large Lash Mascara in Action

I like trying new beauty products. Cracking open the packaging the first time reminds me of opening a new jar of peanut butter. It’s exciting! How about you?

PixiLinerMascara01Pixi Beauty has a new eyeliner and mascara out this fall, and I got to try them. I tried:

You can pick these up at Target or the Pixi website.

PixiLinerMascara02The Lash Line Ink uses a felt tip much like a marker. This is one of my favorite types of eyeliner for creating a cat-eye. It has the look of a traditional liquid eyeliner but is a lot easier to use. (And, super awesome added bonus, it stays in place a lot better, too.)

This eyeliner only comes in one shade right now: Black Silk.

The Large Lash Mascara uses a really fat wand. Much bigger than average. This one comes in two colors: Bold Black (which I used) and Best Brown.

I could tell you about this, or I could show you a picture. You know me! I go for the picture almost every time!

PixiLinerMascara04Here’s a picture using both the eyeliner and mascara. As you can see, the liner creates a nice dark line. One swipe is enough to adequately darken your lid, and it’s very good at making a sharp point.

I wasn’t as impressed by the mascara. As a regular mascara, it does the job. But, as a “large lash mascara,” it falls a little short. It didn’t add nearly as much volume as I expected. Still, it didn’t flake and it stayed in place all day. It’s a good daytime mascara when you want to be a bit subtle, though still pretty.

I give the Lash Line Ink and Large Lash Mascara (respectively) a…

A & C+

Have you tried either of these yet? If not, which one do you want to try the most?


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  1. The eyeliner looks really pretty and pigmented. Shame the mascara is only average instead.

  2. The liner looks great. I’ll have to try it.

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