Nails of the Day: Red French Tips for the Business Trip

As I mentioned a while back, I went on a business trip over the weekend. I wanted to pick a manicure that was business-like but still sassy. This is what I came up with:

Rather than the typical white tips of a French manicure, I went with red tips instead. Definitely sassy! I even got a compliment from a lady handing out free chunks of chocolate at a candy store I popped by (because no trip can be all business, when candy is around.)

I used:

Like the lace background? That was actually a lace blazer (or “lazer”), I wore during the business trip.

notd34See? That’s one adorable lazer! I was so ready to bring on the business that day. That smile is totally a grin of “I’m about to get shit done.” And I did.

I hope you had a good and eventful weekend, too! It’s almost Halloween, and I’m planning a last-minute-Halloween-makeup post soon. Be on the lookout!


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  1. What a sassy manicure! Love your blazer too, so pretty!

  2. Love that sassy manicure Trisha! And you’re lookin so cute in that mirror shirt, where’s the blazer…I mean lazer from? 🙂

  3. So cute! Love the look and the manicure is awesome. You look great!

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