Let’s Have Fun With LUSH’s FUN Moldable Bath Product

LUSH always has awesome new products. And, one of the cool new things they have is this moldable bath product, which can be used as soap, shampoo or bubble bath, called FUN.

Just like Play-Doh or modeling clay, FUN can be molded into just about anything.

It comes in a bunch of different colors, each with their signature scent. I got to try Pink, which has a sweet candy scent crossed with a musky incense. It’s sweet enough for kids to like and musky enough for adults to not feel like they raided their child’s bath supplies.

Did I mention you can mold this? Well, if I did, I’ll just repeat myself: you can totally mold this stuff. In fact, that’s the whole point, and the main reason why it’s called FUN.

lushFun02Just tear off a chunk and make it into anything you want. I went with a very uncreative heart.

This stuff is pretty crumbly, and doesn’t mold into shapes as well as Play-Doh (hence my wonky heart), but it’s still fun.

When you’re done playing with it (and by you, I mean adults as well as kids), just bring it into the shower or bath. I used it as a body soap, but you can also use it as shampoo or as a bubble bath if you run it under flowing water. It suds up nicely and leaves that awesome sweet and incense-y smell behind.

As an added bonus, this stuff is big. I’ve used it a few times now and I still have most of the original pink log leftover. It makes the $6.95 price tag a bargain. Not to mention the fact that 2.5% of total sales go to disaster-relief charities in Japan. Not too shabby!

For all of these reasons, I give LUSH FUN a…


You can pick this up at LUSH for $6.95 per 8.8 oz. color.


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  1. What a cool concept! I’m not sure I’d like this scent, but I’ll give the others a sniff and if I find one I love I’ll definitely try it.

  2. This sounds like a fun product to try and a good deal too.

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