Face of the Day: Happy Halloween From Demon Trisha

Happy Halloween!

Hopefully, today you’re having fun, eating treats, and looking awesome.

Speaking of looking awesome, I’m totally a demon today.

Rawr! I’m going to murder you in the face! Or something.

Those demon horns are my go-to Halloween costume when I don’t have anything going on. Aside from going to Barnes and Noble later (yay! books!), my schedule is wide open for this awesome holiday. Might as well be a demon!

demonHalloween02I loaded up on the dark, smoky green eye shadow today. My bangs are in the way in this picture, but you can still kind of see it. Here’s everything I used to create this look:

Those people at Barnes and Noble are going to be wicked scared!

Speaking of…things…I carved a pumpkin a few days ago!

eekOLanternI really didn’t feel like being creative and making my own design, so I just used a stencil from a pumpkin carving kit. I like to call this the Eek-o-Lantern.

Have a great Halloween!


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  1. You look scary, Trisha!

    And love the Eek-o-Lantern, so cool!

  2. ahahah love you Trisha. Gorgeous eye makeup goin on there! And of course, the devil horns are the perfect touch.

    EEK! EEK O LANTERN! Best pumpkin ever

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