Testing Out Scented’s Line of Natural Bath and Lip Products for Skin Sensitivity

I have some pretty sensitive skin when it comes to fragrance. I don’t know what it is, but some scents, especially from perfume and body lotion, make my skin super irritated. Then, there are a whole bunch of products out there that don’t bother my skin.

While I’ve never quite figured out what ingredient(s) does that to me, when I heard that Scented uses only natural ingredients for their body care line, I thought I’d be able to handle it.

Scented01Scented has a line of bath salts, body polish, body cream and lip balm in a wide variety of scents. I got to try:

  • Scented Moisturizing Bath Salts in Lavender Vanilla
  • Scented Body Polish in Peppermint Café
  • Scented Body Crème in Coconut Lime Verbana
  • Scented Kiss My Lips Lip Balm in Coconut

Scented02I love bath salts. They make a regular bath so much more luxurious.

Scented’s Lavender Vanilla bath salts left my skin soft and smooth. The scent, which is nice but more lavender than vanilla, was delicate and not harsh on my sensitive skin.

The Body Polish is a nice sugar scrub. I used it in the shower to scrub my elbows soft. It uses oils to further soften skin, so make sure you rinse thoroughly so as not to come out an oil slick.

Peppermint Café was an awesome scent, making me think of Christmas. And, best of all, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Scented04The Scented Body Crème is a nice, thick body lotion. It’s quenching and isn’t at all greasy.

Unfortunately, here’s where my sensitive skin didn’t hold up as well. The Coconut Lime Verbana scent, slightly tropical, irritated my skin. I couldn’t use it more than once.

Scented05The Scented Kiss My Lips lip balm is super smooth and softening. It’s so smooth that it can get a bit too soft if you keep it in your jeans pocket. Best of all, it’s not waxy.

Here’s another irritating scent. Coconut smelled great, just like real coconut, and I was happy to use it. But then my lips and face started hurting, and I had to stop using it.

The Final Verdict

The skin sensitivity issue seemed to be hit-or-miss. Two of the four products I tried irritated my skin. Was it the scent delivery methods (lotion and lip balm) or the scents themselves (Coconut Lime Verbana and Coconut), I’m not sure. I will tell you that, although both scents had coconut, that isn’t usually a scent that bothers me.

Another theory could be that the first two products, bath salts and body polish, didn’t irritate my skin because you rinse it off or dilute it with water, while the other two soak in your skin. It’s a mystery.

I will tell you this, though: if I hadn’t had irritated skin, I would have liked most of these, minus the meltiness of the lip balm.

You can pick up any of Scented’s line on their website.


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  1. What a shame two of the products irritated your skin. It’s so frustrating when you can’t seem to figure out what is the culprit!

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