Makeup Files Got a Bit of a Facelift Today!

As you navigated your way to Makeup Files today, possibly getting sidetracked by a super adorable kitty (commence side-tracking), you may have noticed a change in the ol’ blog’s design.

Yep, Makeup Files got a facelift today. Nothing too drastic! Just a snazzy new background and logo. It’s basically the eye lift of the blog world.

How do you like the new design?

Personally, I’m thrilled. The old look was tired, just like how I feel after putting up my Christmas decorations yesterday. Tired. So, it needed a change.

Now it’s all super cute and adorable! Mission accomplished.


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  1. It looks beautiful, Trisha!

  2. It looks great Trisha ! Love the new, fresh look.

  3. Loving the new design, Trisha! The new font for you logo is oh so adorable 🙂

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