For the Holidays: Sol Republic Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones

I listen to music every day. I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile or anything. Growing up, I had posters for movies and video games, rather than bands, lining my walls. Also, the occasional Devon Sawa or JTT poster.

Still, I like to rock out to music as I work on Makeup Files and client projects. I bop my head to Fun. and Nicki Minaj on Slacker’s Today’s Hits radio station.

I always use my computer’s built-in speakers which are actually pretty good. At least, I thought they were…

So brings us to today’s For the Holidays. On the menu? Sol Republic Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones.

solRepublic01That’s one fancy box, eh?

solRepublic02Sol Republic headphones come to you all taken apart. That’s the beauty of them. Everything is separate inside the box. The speakers (they call them sound engines), cable and headband are separate, and you get to put them together.

It’s actually really easy to put them together. You may be asking, “But, Trisha…what’s the point then?”

Good question. When they come apart like that, you can customize them better. You can move the sound engines anywhere along the headband for maximum comfort. You can also buy extra headbands to suit your mood. These are purple but you could get some in a whole bunch of colors and designs.

Here’s how they look put together. Pretty! And they come with that nice black case.

The sound engines are pretty big and cushion-y. They covered my entire ear. I found it a lot more comfortable without my glasses on, though. With glasses, they pushed my ear against the glasses’ ear piece and that wasn’t so comfortable. If you’re giving these to someone with glasses, let her know that little tip.

solRepublic04The cable has volume control. Between the volume buttons is an all-purpose button. If you’re using it with an MP3-player or phone, you can use that middle button for pausing or playing a song. On a phone, you can answer a call with that button, and it has a built-in microphone so you never have to take off your headphones.

Over all, I really liked the sound on these. They sounded way better than my computer speakers. On my iPhone, they produced better music with nicer bass than the standard in-ear headphones that come with the iPhone.

solRepublic05Also, look how hilarious their instruction manual is! A major plus.

It’s gift time!

Wondering if Sol Republic Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones would work for someone on your holiday list?

This is perfect for…

  • audiophiles who like really good sound with their music
  • someone who likes on-ear headphones, rather than in-ear
  • people who like fun gadgets and customizable technology

You can pick this up at the Sol Republic website, Apple, Best Buy and Amazon for $129.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. These sound like great headphones!

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