My Current Favorite Lipstick: Revlon Raisin Rage

As much as I love makeup, some things are just hard for me to use without feeling weird about. Lipstick is one of those things.

Sure, I could leave the house with some super bold and out-there eye makeup and feel as comfortable as if I’m on my couch, wrapped in a snuggie. Eye shadow doesn’t make me feel out of place. Lipstick does.

There’s been an exception to that lately, though. For some reason, the deep wine color of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Raisin Rage has been making me feel awesome. And not in the least but awkward!

It’s not like this lipstick is muted or neutral. It’s pretty bold. Yet, I can go out with this on and not feel like an imposter. It’s all comfort over here.

Do you have a beauty item or makeup style you feel weird wearing? I can’t be the only one! Maybe you feel weird when you wear dark, smoky eye shadow. Or maybe it’s fake lashes.

Keep trying, though. Maybe you’ll be like me and find something that makes you feel awesome.

Yay for Raisin Rage!


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  1. That’s a gorgeous and bold shade, love it!

    I’m not very comfortable wearing very dark lip shades because I’m scared they’re not gonna look that good against my pale skintone.

    • I have pale skin, too. Maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to wear lipstick? But this one is pretty bold and still worked out. Who knew!

  2. Dear Trisha

    Wow…Loved this shade!!
    Will purchase it today itself!!
    I am a Revlon freak
    Hope my husband loves it!!

    Thanks dear!!

  3. I’ve genuinely enjoyed reading your website posts. Thankyou!

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