For the Holidays: Delicious Cotton Candy Perfume

I am a sucker for some cotton candy. In the summer, my town has a weekly “lunch in the park,” and I ride my bike down there every week just to get a bag of the homemade organic cotton candy from a local crafter.

So yummy.

If you have anyone on your holiday shopping list that loves cotton candy and sweet fragrances, she might like the Delicious Cotton Candy EDT Spray by Gale Hayman.

cottonCandy01Before I say anything about the scent, have a look at the box. No, I’m not pointing out the pink, although you all know that’s my favorite color.

It’s that they put quotes around Delicious. Check out The Book of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks to see why I find this funny/sad.

Moving on…

Inside the box, you’ll find a nice pink bottle with–

–wait? Is that a pink panther on the bottle?

Yeah, a pink jungle cat graces the top of the bottle. You pull it up to remove it. Even without that big cat, the bottle is pretty large at 3.3 fl. oz. You’ll have enough cotton candy scent to last a lifetime.

Speaking of the scent: it’s nice. When you look beyond the unfortunate quotation marks and whimsical bottle design, it’s a nice, sweet and subtle scent.

It smells like cotton candy, but not in a childish way. Maybe it’s because it has notes of lily of the valley in addition to the sugary cloud of fairy floss. Because of it’s subtle sweetness, it’s appropriate for adults as well as teens.

It’s gift time!

Want to get this for the fragrance-lover on your list?

This is perfect for…

  • those who love sweet fragrances
  • ladies looking for a subtle scent that’s appropriate for all occasions
  • teens wanting a sweet scent
  • adults with a whimsical side
  • jungle cat-lovers

You can pick up the Delicious Cotton Candy Perfume at FragranceNet and Amazon for $25.19 or less.


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  1. I didn’t even see the panther until I read about it. It’s so neat! At first glance, I thought it was cotton candy fluff. 😛

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