Did You Know You Can Advertise on Makeup Files for Only $2 a Day?

Did you know you could advertise on Makeup Files? That’s right: you can advertise your business/blog/store all you want for just $2 a day.

No, that’s not a misprint. I know other award-winning blogs charge a lot more for their advertising space, but I thought I’d help out the small businesses who can’t afford that kind of thing.

(And since I can’t send everyone each a cuddly teddy bear, the low price is the only present I can give you for your supreme awesomeness. I guess it’ll have to do!)

For the price of a small cup of coffee, you could have a 125 x 125 pixel ad in that little sponsorship section to the right. —->

You’ll reach thousands of beauty-lovers, which is always a major plus. And, since there are unlimited spots for this, many square ads can run at once. Win-win for everyone!

These ad spots are perfect for…

  • Small businesses without a big advertising budget
  • Blogs that want to increase readership
  • Etsy stores that want more business from beauty lovers
  • Start-ups that want to test the water

You’ll get exposure on Makeup Files, named one of the best beauty blogs of 2011 by SHAPE Magazine, all for just $2 a day.

Can’t beat that! Order an advertising spot today!


Photo credit: Joe Strouth

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