For the Holidays: Daily Concepts Shower Scrubbies

Spa gift baskets are some of the coolest presents. You can fill one up with bath and body products, and it’s good not only for someone you know really well, but for those people you know nothing about. They’re sort of like the requisite I-don’t-know-you-very-well candle, except a lot more awesome.

If you’re building a spa gift basket for someone on your holiday shopping list, or you just want to get them one awesome bath and body item, check out the Scrubbers from Daily Concepts.

dailyConcepts01There’s the Your Exfoliating Gloves and Your Dual Texture Scrubber.

dailyConcepts02The exfoliating gloves have tiny little prickly bits, like you’re wearing a shorn porcupine on each hand. But, it actually works really well when polishing up your skin. And since you wear them as gloves, it makes using the scrubbers really easy and quick.

The dual scrubber has a very literal name. On one side, it’s soft, like a dense sponge. On the other, it’s prickly like the gloves. So, you can either wash yourself with softness, or exfoliate with prickliness. It comes with a loop so you can hang it from that shower caddy you got on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond.

dailyConcepts04Bonus: The packaging can be used as a caddy if you never picked one up. It comes with a suction cup and directions. Also, each of the scrubbies has a tag with writing. When the writing fades, you know it’s time to replace them.

It’s gift time!

Thinking of getting this for someone you love? Or maybe someone you only like as a friend?

This is perfect for…

  • filling a spa-style gift basket
  • those who like cool bath and body products
  • ladies looking for a new way to get glowing skin
  • dudes who like to exfoliate

You can pick up the Your Exfoliating Gloves for $16 and Your Dual Body Scrubber for $12 at Daily Concepts.


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