Enter to Win the Deborah Lippmann Run the World (Girls) Nail Polish Set Sponsored by Planet Beauty

It may be winter outside, but it’s always spring and summer in my heart. So, why not celebrate my heart’s warm weather with a summery nail polish giveaway?

After all, it won’t be winter forever.

If you’re looking for some bright colors of nail polish, then time to enter the Run the World (Girls) nail polish giveaway.

What You’ll Win

runTheWorld01One lucky winner will get the Deborah Lippmann Run the World (Girls) nail polish set worth $45 suggested retail price.

runTheWorld02It comes with five shades of bright, neon nail colors; one for each nail.

runTheWorld03As you might guess from the name of the set (after Beyonce’s song of the same name) each shade has a music-related name. From left to right, there’s I Kissed a Girl, It Girl, Hollaback Girl, Nasty Girl and Party Girl. And if you’re the winner, you get all of them.

Contest Rules

The Run the World (Girls) giveaway starts right now and ends Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 12:00 AM Mountain time.

To be eligible, you must be 18 years or older and a US resident. I’ll pick one random winner from the eligible entries and they will be contacted. If I don’t hear from the winner within 48 hours after I contact them, I’ll pick a new winner. Remember to get back to me! Then, Planet Beauty will send you your prize in the mail.

How to Enter

Just use the widget below! You have a chance to get 4 entries, though only the first one is mandatory. Enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you win!


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  1. Party Girl

  2. I like Nasty Girl

  3. I like Party Girl.

  4. One color for each nail…that is funny, haha.
    I have not tried this brand before, although I have wanted to. This would be a nice start.

  5. Nasty Girl

  6. i want it sooo much!

  7. and the pink one is my favorite :)

  8. IT GIRL!! love it

  9. My favorite would have to be Hollaback Girl.

  10. Hollaback Girl!

  11. i kissed a girl is my fav!

  12. New follower here and I think nasty girl has to be my fave

  13. I love the bright colors1 Makes me think of summer! I love Hollaback girl!!

  14. I kissed a Girl

  15. How can you choose one? They are all fabulous!!!

  16. Nasty Girl is my favorite, I love purple!

  17. NASTY GIRL flaming fuchsia

  18. My favorite one is nasty girl, lol!

  19. Awesome giveaway! The swatches I have seen of the collection look great.

  20. I kissed a girl!!!!

  21. Also my favorite is Party Girl!

  22. Nice, would love to win these!

  23. Great brand and very cute idea…. They’re making me wish for summer to hurry up and arrive.

  24. I really like Nasty Girl and it girl !!

  25. Ooh, It Girl is gorgeous.

  26. I like Nasty Girl!

  27. Nasty Girl is by far my favorite. i love purple nail polish.

  28. Hollaback Girl calls to me! Fantastic giveaway, thank you!

  29. It Girl looks amaaaaazing!

  30. Nasty Girl!

  31. Party girl is my favorite color.

  32. Hollaback Girl!!!!

  33. I love HollaBack Girl

  34. i like Nasty Girl!

  35. Party Girl is my favorite!

  36. I like “I KIssed a GIrl” because I Always go for the girly pink.

  37. I Kissed A Girl

  38. I like Party Girl best but love them all!

  39. loving party girl! thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  40. Party Girl looks especially fun to me!

  41. Party girl

  42. I love It Girl or Hollaback Girl the most!

  43. Nasty Girl is my favorite

  44. “I kissed a girl” :)

  45. Nasty Girl. I love purple

  46. I love Party Girl!

  47. I Kissed A Girl – love pink!

  48. I love Hollaback Girl!

  49. Nasty girl is an awesome color

  50. I Kissed a Girl !

  51. I’m diggin’ Hollaback Girl.

  52. I LOVE Party Girl!!!! <3

  53. my favorite is party girl!

  54. Hollaback girl!

  55. Nasty Girl – I’m going through a purple phase :)

  56. I absolutely adore neons!

  57. hollaback girl

  58. I love neons!

  59. Party Girl, appropriately enough!

  60. My favorite is NASTY GIRL

  61. I Kissed a Girl.

    You gotta love neon pink!

  62. nasty girl! hahaha

  63. I’m in love with the purple Nasty Girl shade!

  64. hollaback girl!

  65. My favorite is “IT GIRL”!!

  66. I’m most excited about Hollaback Girl!

  67. I love the Party Girl

  68. The polishes are super bright and beautiful!

  69. love the I Kissed a Girl & Party Girl :)

  70. Thank you for the giveaway! My favourite’s gotta be Nasty Girl. (^_^)

  71. I Kissed a Girl

  72. “Party Girl” is my favorite

  73. I like I Kissed a Girl best!

  74. Party Girl is my fave!

  75. I love Party Girl. It is a color I could wear all year.

  76. I love It Girl

  77. My favorite is “I Kissed a Girl”! Thanks for the giveaway! xx

  78. Party girl is so nice!!!

  79. i like HOLLABACK GIRL outrageous orange

  80. Party girl. So cute!

  81. Party Girl!

  82. I like Party Girl!

  83. those are awesome colors! hope to win!

  84. Hollaback Girl is my favorite.

  85. lovin Hollaback Girl. Thanks for the giveaway, Trisha!

  86. I like Party Girl! Such a fun color for the upcoming spring!

  87. lovve party girl, unique pink :)

  88. party girl

  89. I haven’t tried these yet, but would love to! :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. I love them all but Party Girl is my favorite!

  91. Love them all but Party Girl is my favorite!

  92. Hollaback Girl is my favorite!

  93. I’m really feeling it girl. Hope I win!

  94. EEp amazing colors! i would never actually spend that much for so little but would love to have it :]]

  95. Love these brights for summer!

  96. Also, my favorite is the purple shade :o)

  97. Party Girl is my favorite

  98. I like the Party Girl color!

  99. i kissed a girl is pretty

  100. party girl

  101. Nasty girl

  102. Party Girl! Love it!

  103. I kissed a girl poppin pink

  104. i like Party Girl

  105. I Kissed a Girl.

  106. Nasty Girl is my favorite. Thank you.

  107. Party Girl! The neon coral is gorgeous! :)

  108. Party Girl is my favorite! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway and happy New Year!

  109. My favorite color is I Kissed a Girl.

  110. My favorite is Party Girl

  111. party girl

  112. I like nasty girl

  113. My Favorite Color is “IT GIRL”

  114. Nasty girl

  115. I like Party Girl best.

  116. I like “it girl”

  117. I like Party Girl

  118. Hollaback Girl is my favorite.

  119. I love Nasty Girl! Such a pretty color!

  120. I like Nasty Girl

  121. Nasty Girl is my fav. Love that color!

  122. They’re all great!

  123. Its between Part Girl and Hollaback girl


  125. My favorite polish is is “I Kissed a Girl”! <3

  126. These are great colors and a great way to start 2013!!

  127. Would love to win this, would my first Deborah Lippmann’s!

  128. I like Nasty Girl & Party Girl the best.

  129. Hollaback Girl!

  130. I like “it girl”

  131. Hmmm, I like all of them but I really like Nasty Girl & Party Girl. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  132. Party girl is awesome! This is a great gift!

  133. Nasty Girl is pretty! I love purples!

  134. i kissed a girl!

  135. I love the yellow.

  136. This would be amazing, such gorgeous colors!

  137. I love Party Girl – such a fun color!

  138. all of them

  139. It Girl looks super pretty! =)

  140. IT GIRL yellin’ yellow

  141. My favorites are Hollaback Girl and Nasty Girl! I love the idea of brights during winter :)

  142. My favorite color in the collection is “Party Girl”. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  143. It Girl,

  144. I like Party Girl the best!

  145. The title isn’t fitting but I like Nasty Girl.

  146. I like the shade Party Girl.

  147. I like the Party Girl

  148. party girl

  149. Party Girl is my favorite :)

  150. I kissed a girl is my favorite

  151. Nasty Girl

  152. Thank you for this giveaway! Super sweet. I never heard of this but I LOVE all those colors!!

  153. Nasty Girl or Party Girl, I can’t choose! I love all of the colors, I <3 bright colors.

  154. I like Nasty Girl.

  155. I love I Kissed a Girl and Nasty Girl. I’ve never owned a Deborah Lipman polish before either. They’re so pretty looking.

  156. Nasty Girl is my favorite(since I have to pick just ONE)!

  157. My favorite is the pink (I Kissed a Girl)

  158. I like party girl!

  159. So hard to choose…but probably Party Girl! Can’t go wrong with pink!!

  160. As hilarious as it sounds, Nasty Girl is my fave <3

  161. I kissed a girl is the best

  162. I kissed a girl.

  163. it is awesome that you are doing this giveaway. the colors are gorgeous!

  164. Party GIrl!! WHoo hoooo!!

  165. I love Nasty Girl!

  166. Nasty Girl is probably gonna be my favorite. :)

  167. hollaback girl!

  168. I love I Kissed a Girl! What an amazing giveaway and I love your blog! So glad I found it!

  169. I’m loving the pink and purple!

  170. I love I Kissed a Girl!

  171. Party Girl is my favorite !

  172. My fave is Hollaback Girl! That orange is awesome!

  173. It Girl and Hollaback Girl look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  174. Party girl is my favorite

  175. I love party girl!

  176. Nasty girl is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  177. Nasty Girl! I am a sucker for anything purple.

  178. Party Girl!

  179. Hollaback Girl and Nasty Girl are my favorite!

  180. I kissed a Girl!

  181. I kissed a girl is my favorite of the group!

  182. Yay! I’ve been hoping to try out this set. Maybe I’ll get to :)

  183. My favorite is Nasty Girl! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. Yay! I’ve been hoping to try out this set. Maybe I’ll get to :) Nasty Girl is my favorite.

  185. I kissed a girl is my FAV! so bright and beautiful! thanks for the giveaway <3

  186. I like Party Girl. Thanks for the opportunity!

  187. Party Girl…………


  188. I kissed a girl, thanks for a great giveaway!

  189. I kissed a girl is my favorite! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  190. I kissed a girl is my favorite! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance! 😉

  191. Hollaback girl!

  192. I Kissed A Girl.

  193. I like Party Girl!

  194. Party girl is my favorite….

  195. Party girl

  196. I love It Girl

  197. Nasty girl is my favorite! Thanks for hosting this!

  198. I Kissed A Girl is my favorite!

  199. Party Girl is my fav from this collection! Thank you for the giveaway!

  200. Party Girl is my fav from this collection! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  201. Nasty Girl is my favorite, but oh my stars, I want to win this one SO BAD! Wow, thank you so much just for the DREAM of winning!!

  202. Nasty girl! So hard to choose though

  203. Hollarback Girl looks great!


  205. i love them all they remind me of summer really love the orange and purple one

  206. Mine is It Girl!

  207. Nasty Girl!

  208. ohhh, Nasty Girl!

  209. I Kissed a Girl is my fave.

  210. Nasty Girl looks awesome!

  211. love nasty girl! im on a nail varnish buying ban at mo, but winning doesnt count! everyones a winner x

  212. Nasty Girl is my favorite!

  213. I like I Kissed a Girl.

  214. “I kissed a Girl” is cute.

  215. I’m really liking It Girl!

  216. Nasty Girl!

  217. I LOVE Nasty Girl

  218. My favorite is Nasty Girl! Thanks so much for the giveaway! xoxo

  219. Party Girl. Thanks.

  220. I like It Girl!

  221. I really like “nasty girl”! Thanks for hosting!

  222. The sassy salmon- Party Girl is my style.

  223. I like the I Kissed a Girl the best.

  224. I like I Kissed a Girl.

  225. I kissed a girl is my fave!

  226. Nasty Girl!

  227. i like it girl.

  228. Nasty Girl!

  229. I like Nasty Girl.

  230. I love the party girl pink!

  231. Party Girl

  232. I like nasty girl

  233. i like nasty girl

  234. My favorite color is It Girl

  235. I really like Nasty Girl!

  236. party girl!

  237. My favorite is Party Girl.


  238. party girl

  239. I think I like Party Girl the most

  240. They are ALL such pretty shades, but I also like Party Girl the best! <3

  241. I really like the packaging for this product. Very original. Thank you for the opportunity.

  242. Party Girl. Thanks.

  243. I love It Girl!

  244. Party Girl

  245. I like the I kissed a girl color.

  246. I like party girl most!

  247. I like “I kissed a girl”

  248. I like Party Girl!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  249. I Kissed a Girl is my favorite!

  250. i like NASTY GIRL flaming fuchsia

  251. Party girl is my favorite.

  252. nasty girl
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  253. party girl is nice

  254. I like nasty girl.

  255. I like Nasty Girl

  256. Hollaback Girl looks nice.

  257. I like Nasty Girl. :)

  258. nasty girl

  259. Nasty Girl is my favorite!

  260. I like the Pink.

  261. I like the party girl one. I would love to try all of the colors!

  262. I Kissed a Girl is my favorite!

  263. hollaback is my favorite

  264. nasty girl!

  265. I think I would have to go with the yellow! :)

  266. I like nasty girl!

  267. I like Nasty Girl.

  268. I love the purple

  269. Hollaback Girl

  270. I like the I Kissed A Girl color best.

  271. I like Nasty Girl

  272. I like Party Girl

  273. I like it girl

  274. party girl!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  275. I like I Kissed a Girl.

  276. Nasty Girl is my fave.

  277. Hollaback Girl

  278. Party Girl!

  279. Party Girl all the way! Thank you!!

  280. Party Girl :)

  281. I Kissed a Girl.

  282. I like them all. But, I think my favorite is Hollaback Girl.

  283. hollaback girl

  284. Kissed a Girl is my favorite.

  285. Awesome give-away! Thank you for hosting. Good luck to all!

  286. Opps, forgot to answer the question. :) My favorite in this collection would be “Nasty Girl” as I love all shades of purple. :)

  287. I like HOLLABACK GIRL outrageous orange .

  288. My favorite is Nasty Girl.

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