Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation is My New Best Friend

I’ve got a new best friend! Sure, we won’t be able to have the Mini-Cooper-or-Bradley-Cooper debate together or share a piece of strawberry shortcake, but it’s still a match made in heaven.

Beauty heaven, that is.

Who (or what) is my new best friend? Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation. And seeing as I almost never wore foundation before this, this is saying a lot.

coverFXBestFriend01When my BFF arrived on my doorstep, it came with some friends of its own. I was asked to write up a detailed review of the above:

  • Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation in N25 ($35)
  • Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in N30 ($42)
  • Cover FX Matte Setting Powder in L ($32)
  • Cover FX Blotting Powder in L ($24)
  • Cover FX Powder Brush ($42)

Yeah, I did try all of it. That powder brush is particularly nice. But while I liked the cream foundation and other powders, I loved the pressed mineral foundation. So, you know, I can’t help but ignore the others.

coverFXBestFriend02The Pressed Mineral Foundation comes in a plastic compact. In the top, the powder foundation. In the bottom is a little compartment that holds the sponge applicator. That compartment even has air holes to keep the sponge dry. They think of everything!

At first, I was reluctant to hang out with my new BFF. Like I said, I’m not a foundation person. I tend to keep my face bare and focus more on the eyes, makeup-wise.

Then I tried it.

Holy moly, I looked good! With just a swipe, the Pressed Mineral Foundation evened out my skin tone without looking like I was covered in makeup. It was sort of like an airbrushing effect.

coverFXBestFriend03The results were subtle, which is what I prefer. Just a subtle evening of skin tone to make me look suddenly much prettier.

And isn’t it the job of a good friend to make you look good? I think so. Winking smile

Once we became best friends, we did all sorts of things together. Pressed Mineral Foundation was with me on Christmas Eve when I busted out a nice holiday purple smoky eye makeup look. It was with me on New Year’s Eve as I rode on a carousel and watched a bagpipe band and Irish dance performance. It was there last week when I had my second time of jury duty (which lasted about a half an hour longer than my first).

It was there to make me look just a bit better. Just a bit prettier. Just to enhance my already-there beauty. I’d say that’s a good best friend.

Now if only a pressed powder foundation could drive me to the airport or help me move!

For these reasons, I give Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation an…


And since the other items on the list above were nice, but didn’t impress me as much (I could only call them acquaintances at this point), I give them a…


You can pick up Cover FX face makeup at the official website, Sephora or Amazon.


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  1. Loved you article on the Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation, it was sooo helpul, I’m always on the look for a foundation that looks, lightweight, and natural. From the pictures I can see that the Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation has made such a major difference, i really does look airbrushed, and so much more flawless! Wow!

  2. hahha love how you did this review, it’s adorable 🙂 And I can definitely see that difference, quite impressive! I can see why you guys are fast friends now

  3. i really appreciate this post, it was soo informative and helpful because i love foundations and always keep trying to look out for new ones. thanks

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