Nails of the Day: Subtle Adorableness

Usually, just like my eye shadow, I like to have really bold and brightly colored nail polish. If you take a glance at past Nails of the Day, you’ll see what I mean. Crazy nails!

Well, sometimes you need a break from all that boldness. Like when you eat a bunch of candy and then are like, “I sure could use an apple right now.”

So, I bit the figurative apple and painted my nails a lot subtler than normal.

notd37Of course, for me, subtle still involves some sparkle.


I used Wet N Wild Megalast nail polish in Sugar Coat as a super pale pink base coat. It’s very near the natural color of my nails. Then I used Wet N Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Sparked for a dusting of pink sparkles.

It looks delicate, but you also get that little glint of color in certain light. What do you think?

Where are you, Spring?!

Right now, as I look out my window, I see a lot of snow. It’s basically a blizzard out there. This is what I see:

snowyUgh. Yeah, I know it’s pretty and everything, but it’s also cold. And dumb. Spring really needs to start, pronto.

The positive side to all this snow is that it makes my apartment seem a lot cozier. Doesn’t that picture just make you want to curl up under a Sherpa blanket with a book and a cup of hot cocoa? Because it does for me.

And I think I just figured out what I’m going to do today! Winking smile


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  1. hahahah love your candy/apple analogy. This is gorgeous! I may try something similar soon, bet this would be a whole lot easier to remove than three coats of glitter LOL. And it sorta reminds me of glistening snow 🙂 That picture is definitely sherpa blanket hot cocoa status, hope you’re staying warm!

  2. Love the Pink Sparkly Polish!

  3. Wow! really like the color of the this polish. Really like the your addition of the sparkly polish over the top. Looks amazing!

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