I’ve Been Rocking the Winged Eyeliner Lately

Just like with most things in my life, I go through phases when it comes to my makeup style. If you would have asked me, “Hey, Trisha! What is your favorite way to do your eye makeup?” in the last few years, I would have said, “Man, I totes love me some super colorful eye shadow, yo,” slang and all.

And it would have been true. You’ve seen it before.

Well, lately I’ve been doing something a little different: No eye shadow and big winged eyeliner. Oh, and lots of blush.

wingedEyeliner01That’s right. No eye shadow. Who would have thought I’d start doing that? Not me.

Sure, I still sometimes wear it. Eye shadow holds a special place in my heart, right along with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and my childhood teddy bear, Boo Boo.

Even so, I like the winged eyeliner lately. I’ve been using Pixi Lash Line Ink, a felt-tipped liquid-like eyeliner to create the thick, dramatic winged line, very nearly like a cat-eye liner look.

To channel the inflection of Chandler Bing: Could it BE any more dramatic?

Of course, this new (for me) makeup look is partly inspired by my new glasses.

wingedEyeliner02Yay! New glasses! I just think the winged eyeliner goes really well with these new specks. Like I’m some retro nerd, but in a good way. It feels like I should be holding an encyclopedia while sipping a cup of green tea and watching Doctor Who.

Or something.

What has been your current makeup technique? What looks have you been rocking lately? Let’s chat about it!


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  1. Love the winged eyeliner and it goes very well with the glasses indeed,

    I still wear colourful eyeshadows a lot, but lately I’ve started experimenting with bold lip colours as well. I rarely wear them at the same time though.

  2. Love the winged eyeliner . Looks great!

  3. HAHAHAHH loving the Friends reference 😉 Love this look on you and I totally get it, I just started wearing eyeshadows again, but for awhile I was wearing nothing but winged liner. It’s so easy and clean but it makes a big impact. Actually, I haven’t gone back to normal liner ever since I perfected (well, semi-perfected) flicky winged liner. It makes my eyes look so much more awake.

  4. Love it! Love the glasses, too. 🙂

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