OLIVITA Artisan and My Love of Artisan Soaps

I go to a lot of craft fairs and farmers’ markets. I go because I’m bored and because I like my leeks, bok choy and cherries locally grown.

My favorite non-food thing about these local fairs and markets is the artisan soaps. I’ll be walking amidst the homemade jewelry or tables laden with carrots and broccoli, and I’ll smell it. That distinct, sweet, awesome smell of handmade soaps

Oh, artisan soaps. Besides the few fruits and vegetables I mentioned, those handmade soaps are the only things I leave a craft fair with. I love them because of the scents and the fact that they’re a lot more natural and have a lot less ingredients than what you’d find in stores.

Why am I going on and on about artisan soaps? Because it’s totally relevant to today’s beauty review.

olivita01Recently, I got to try the OLIVITA Artisan soaps, handcrafted in the Mediterranean featuring 100% virgin olive oil.

olivita02Right when I smelled the OLIVITA Artisan Virgin Olive Oil Artisan Soap Bars in Blissful Green Apple ($5.99), I instantly thought of the artisan soaps from craft fairs. It had that all-natural scent that reminds me of delicate flowers and baby powder. Kind of.

Downside: I didn’t actually smell the green apple. It just smelled like soap. Usually, artisan soaps are really obvious in their scents. Not this one.

Upside: there are very few ingredients. Only saponified virgin olive oil, spring water, sea salt and natural essential oil. That’s it. Plus, it’s super hydrating without leaving me feeling oily.

olivita03I have less experience with liquid artisan soap. I always buy the solid stuff, so it was fun to try the OLIVITA Artisan Virgin Olive Oil Pure Aegean Bath & Body Gel ($14.99). It comes in a huge 13.3 oz bottle and has a couple extra ingredients compared to the soap bars. You can see a list at the website.

Downside: the first time I used this, it smelled weirdly perfumey. Then, all subsequent times it smelled great, just like the soap bar above. It’s weird. I don’t know why it smelled that way when I first opened it, but luckily that went away.

Upside: this stuff foams well, cleans well and is moisturizing for my skin. Just like the soap bar, it didn’t leave me all oily like you might expect from using something with olive oil as the main ingredient.

The Final Verdict

You know I love artisan soaps. And while I would have preferred a more distinctly apple scent in the soap bar, as opposed to none at all, I still liked these soaps. Normally, when I get out of the shower in the winter, I have red patches of dry skin on my upper arms. Not so with these soaps. Hydrating! For these reasons, I give the OLIVITA Artisan soaps a…


You can pick these up at the OLIVITA Artisan website.


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  1. I want to go to a craft fair with you, sounds like you have so much fun! Too bad about the apple scent not coming through in these, but otherwise I think they sound pretty sweet 🙂

  2. I’ve seen one of my friends uses this brand and ever since she showed it to me, I’ve been quite interested. Glad to hear that the products work well for you.

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