Enter to Win Aquaphor, Essie, Pueen and a $25 Gift Card #PerfectlyPolished

I’ve got a very good beauty giveaway for you today, courtesy of Aquaphor.

If I asked you what the big beauty fad is right now, how would you answer? I think many of you would say something like “fun manicures.” Well, today’s giveaway is all about having an awesome, beautiful manicure.

One lucky winner will get an awesome prize package filled with nail-friendly products!

What You’ll Win

aquaphor01One winner, randomly selected, will receive the following:

  • 2 tubes of Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy
  • Pueen Deluxe 9-piece Manicure & Pedicure Kit in a cute pink case
  • Essie 3-Way Glaze
  • Essie Nail Polishes in A Crewed Interest, Madison Ave-Hue, Pretty Edgy and Avenue Maintain
  • $25 Visa Gift Card

Exciting! This prize pack is worth over $100!

And, with all of these products, you can take Aquaphor’s #PerfectlyPolished spring challenge. See, the Healing Ointment not only softens hands, but hydrates cuticles as well. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Use the Aquaphor Healing Ointment on your hands and cuticles overnight.
  2. Use the Pueen nail kit to fix up your nails.
  3. Apply a layer of the Healing Ointment around your nails to prevent stray polish from sticking to your skin.
  4. Create a pretty manicure with the Essie nail polishes, or any other brands/colors you love.
  5. Share a picture of your manicure on social media using the #PerfectlyPolished hashtag. Aquaphor will share your manicure if you post a  Twitter Vine video or share a picture of it on Pinterest with that hashtag.

I took the challenge, too, and this is the spring-inspired manicure I came up with:

aquaphor02Spring is finally here, and I was totally inspired by the seasonal colors, hence me clutching my sea-foam green sherpa blanket. I used the Essie A Crewed Interest peach color over my nails, and then alternated Pretty Edgy (green) and Avenue Maintain (blue) on the tips.

Contest Rules

The Aquaphor manicure giveaway starts right now and ends April 10th, 2013 at 12:00 AM Mountain Time.

To be eligible, you must be 18 years or older and a US resident. I’ll pick one random winner from the eligible entries and they will be contacted. If I don’t hear from the winner within 48 hours after I contact them, I’ll pick a new winner. Remember to get back to me! Then, Aquaphor will send you your prize in the mail.

How to Enter

Use the widget below for a chance to get up to 4 entries for this prize. (Only the first entry is mandatory).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you win!


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  1. My daughters!! They always pick my mani colors 🙂

  2. Thinking of summertime and the beach

  3. Probably something having to do with spring fashion, I can’t get over pastel colors!

  4. The cool breeze that comes with summer! That gives me tons of inspiration 😀

  5. Thank you for such a complete giveaway! Colors generally inspire my manis, but pictures from bloggers like you always get my creative juices flowing. (^_^)

  6. I choose my mani based on mood. 🙂

  7. Pastels. Never been into them but I’ve seen some beautiful designs with pastels.

  8. The lace from my daughters wedding

  9. Spring flowers will inspire my manicures. Thank you!

  10. Love your nail design. What would inspire me is nice soft colors for spring. Maybe a nice cream looking soft pink. I’d also like to add a simple design.

  11. I’m always inspired by the seasons, so definitely the upcoming Spring weather!

  12. I have a cool new set of nail art brushes that are just calling to be played with 🙂

  13. Hombre in shades of purple!

  14. probably will be spring inspired! i love to find new ideas on pinterest!

  15. Warmer spring weather

  16. I’m a Hobbit kick so that will inspire my manicure

  17. Spring flowers!

  18. My manicure will be inspired by the botanical gardens where my college graduation party will be held

  19. I will be inspired by the hues of spring

  20. I will be inspired by my niece. She is always finding new ways to decorate her nails.

  21. Spring,flowers,warm.

  22. Love the offer! Looking for a change in luck and a new me!


  23. spring flowers

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  24. designs I’ve seen in magazines

  25. I just saw a magazine article about cool manicures. I might try one of their designs

  26. I think I’d be inspired by impressionist artists.


  28. The color of my bathing suit I just bought. (Coral and silver)
    Thanks for the chance.

  29. The flowers blooming outside.

  30. my manicure would be inspired by love. 🙂 pink hearts

  31. Everything blooming around me will influence my manicure.

  32. I like the colorful tipped in alternating colors french manicure that you did. I never thought of that before, so I would try something like that.

  33. I’m inspired by a time period. The 1920’s, 1930’s. I want to a moon manicure.

  34. My manicure would be inspired by the new Ironman movie coming out in May. : )

  35. Lots of colors 🙂

  36. I’d let the grand kids help me decide — we’re all into nails!
    Maybe something to do with the Croods.
    Thank you.

  37. Like most people, mine will be inspired by Springtime. By the way, Happy Birthday, Trisha!!

  38. Spring for sure, pastels!

  39. Whatever the occasion is.

  40. My outfit and the weather! Lol!

  41. My brightly colored flip-flops will inspire my design.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  42. Spring pastel colors like mint and light pink

  43. Spring will inspire my manicure. I’ll stamp with pastels.

  44. springtime! and pastels

  45. palm trees, hawaain vacation, oh i can dream

  46. The weather inspires my manicures

  47. My next manicure will be inspired by the bright and fun clothes I just got for spring and summer. Great giveaway! 🙂

  48. Tiffany & Co. jewelry will inspire my manicure! 🙂

  49. The polish will be for my daughter and there’s no telling what she will do with it. She comes up with tons of different designs. Thank you!

  50. What a great way to start off a new season!!! The perfect inspiration is just outside the window.

  51. definitely the blooming flowers!

  52. The colors of spring flowers will inspire my manicure!

  53. Something for the season.

  54. I’m inspired by spring flowers.

  55. The warm spring weather and flowers.

  56. All the pretty gardens that my neighbors are planting!

  57. Spring/Summer always inspires me!!

  58. Love everything about spring…especially the pastel colors!

  59. Spring is in the air. And a good manicure after gardening is a necessity. The products look great.

  60. The warm spring weather.

  61. Spring flowers

  62. My little girl will help inspire my design!

  63. Something spring inspired, or pinterest inspired!

  64. I like to go on Pinterest for nail design inspiration.

  65. The big spring trend is Ombre nails

  66. Spring flowers.

  67. Rewarding my hard work on the fitness front with fun new manicure colors!

  68. ohhh that first spring rain… yes!!! i love it

  69. Spring Flowers

  70. Spring time

  71. The buds blooming on all of the trees in my backyard 🙂

  72. My race season is starting and I always paint an inspirational message on both my fingernails and toenails!

  73. The many bright, Spring colors that are trending!!

  74. spring flowers and my sons garden wedding

  75. Spring and the smell of rain cleaning everything!

  76. all of the new spring/summer wardrobe pieces that I just purchased….they will make my main & pedi POP!

  77. Nice! I love spring nails!!

  78. My daughter and granddaughter 🙂

  79. I think the beach and all things summer will be my inspiration!

  80. My older daughter likes us to have matching nails & I also like to coordinate my nails with the seasons.

  81. I would let my daughter pick the colors but thinking of stripes. Like a zebra print…. It would be fun!

  82. Pinterest inspires most of my manis!

  83. Hitting the caribbean in 10 days, thinking of the bright blue water and sunshine…absolutely going to make my mani match!

  84. If i won I would go for Spring Colors that would inspire my manicure design

  85. Spring and warmer weather

  86. What a great way to get pampered

  87. What a beautiful way to be pampered. 🙂

  88. Springtime!

  89. I will be inspired by whatever color my son picks for me.

  90. Bright fun colors for summer.

  91. Bright colors for the night life inspire me!

  92. The summertime sunshine!

  93. My travel clothes!

  94. Would love to win this! Bright colors!

  95. Definitely the beach!

  96. This spring I’m inspired by the soft colors and billowy dresses. I’m all about the light blues and soft pinks this spring 🙂

  97. Over the past year I have become obsessed with my nails. I don’t have the extra money to go out and get them done all the time so I have created my own personal heaven out of a tackle box! It’s awesome! I love the bright colors….I don’t care if it’s that time of year or not you can almost always see me in pink, purple, orange, green….

  98. I’m all about the soft colors with a pop of bright and billowy dresses this spring!

  99. I luv to by a new shirt and find the perfect polish to go with 🙂

  100. Dr Who and the Tardis

  101. The colors that match our cute spring outfits.

  102. the spring colors!

  103. Would love to win… I need a new manicure!

  104. Actually having cuticles that I don’t mind showing off the nails with.

  105. Love the colors and gift card.

  106. I would love to create a floral look with the pink and green polish.

  107. i love spring colors

  108. Beautiful pastels of spring!

  109. The sunshine and beach..

  110. My inspiration will be my sons. For some reason they love to pick the colors for my nails! Therefore, I have awesome nails all the time!

  111. Beautiful Northern Michigan will inspire my nails! Sunsets, Beaches, Sand between my toes, sunshine, flowers, fun!

  112. I love essie polishes! I always pair it up with my aquaphor, too – this is perfect for me 🙂

  113. Sparkles and glitter inspire my manicures. Thanks!

  114. That itchy spring feeling inside of you when you know you just need something DIFFERENT!

  115. all the colors!

  116. I would choose spring colors.l

  117. Spring flowers blooming!

  118. A special occasion inspires me with nail polish and new jewelry.

  119. Spring colors are my favorite. Soft colors look much better with my skin tone so I always look for light to nude colors for inspiration.

  120. Such beautiful colors to get us in the spring to summer mood!

  121. Such beautiful colors for spring and summer!

  122. Definitely my mood – my polish changes with it almost every other day!

  123. I so need to win this!!!!

  124. my mood, the weather, what calls to me in my stash, or most of all, what ideas I see that day on blogs/pinterest! lol

  125. Girls at work always have the cutest designs. I will probably try to copy one of theirs

  126. Spring colors will inspire me.

  127. For the Spring season, I am inspired by the beautiful colors of the flowers that are beginning to bloom.

  128. My mood for the day would inspire my choice of colors 🙂

  129. I get inspired by what I see on pinterest alot.

  130. My inspiration usually follows something in fashion, like a pattern, or the seasons. If I win i will likely doe some sort of floral mani

  131. I have wanted to create a nail look inspired by my favorite television series “The Twilight Zone”… Every episode has a theme & I would love to create looks for some. =0)

  132. Warm weather!

  133. Springtime Pastels and flowers

  134. Summertime Sadness: Nail Inspiration Lana Del Rey’s pointy, almond nails ftw!

  135. love spring inspired manis.

  136. The fun spring colors will inspire my manicure.

  137. What colors inspire me are the colors of spring. The beautiful flowers that are blooming.

  138. Aquaphor got me through me through radiation for breast cancer. i did not burn beet red. Was great stuff!!
    would love to win this!

  139. Beach weather!

  140. Would love to win this giveaway. Thank you!

  141. Spring colors to replace drury winter!! Can’t wait!!

  142. My daughter, she loves bright colors

  143. I’ll have my daughter do my manicure and she will probably do polka dots!

  144. The new popular shades of coral have inspired me.

  145. Love the colors for spring!!

  146. Spring is in the air and the flowers are showing the bright colors

  147. My manicure will be inspired by the story of my life which has always been “method to the madness.”
    Something crazy but beautiful.

  148. all the beautiful colors in nature. I love spring time.

  149. I think your site is awesome! Thanks for the tips and the giveaway!

  150. Summer & Ice Cream!

  151. It’s cold and rainy in the northwest so at the moment, I’m inspired by spring and lighter, brighter colors.

  152. Love your spring inspired manicure! Simple yet so bright, perfect for this spring! How I wish I can also make that kind of nail art. Anyway, I am hoping to be one of the lucky winners for this giveaway. 🙂

  153. My son’s graduation

  154. Tulips will be my inspiration

  155. spring time flowers. maybe daisies. ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  156. Mostly nthe colors in the outfits I wear. I may get some inspiration from examples I see on TV or in fashion magazines.

  157. My little guys’ little league team colors will inspire my manicure.

  158. spring flowers

  159. Pretty pink colors of the flowers starting to bloom in the yard.

  160. I choose my colors by the season

  161. springtime will inspire my manicure!

  162. It is baseball season so I use orange and black for my Orioles

  163. lighter colors for spring

  164. i would try some flower colors
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  165. My granddaughter…and her favorite colors

  166. Spring flowers! Thanks!!

  167. The beautiful yellows of the spring daisies.

  168. I will go with a cheerful theme, inspired by my cute little niece.

  169. The Ocean will inspire me.

  170. I will let my teenagers inspire me.

  171. Flowers from my garden this Spring!!

  172. Some purple flowers that I saw recently will inspire me

  173. First of all my mood will inspire me the most and then I would sit outside and let nature inspire me.

  174. Spring colors like yellow or pink

  175. I think the Texas Bluebonnet will inspire my manicure.

  176. spring colors. 🙂

  177. funky designs always inspire me!

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