A Quick Review of the Cover FX Primers

Do you know about primer? No, I’m not talking about the thick white paint you use on your walls before splattering on that cool design you saw on Pinterest. This has nothing to do with home design. Instead, primers are used to smooth out your face or eyelids to help makeup go on just that much better. You apply it before you apply foundation or eye makeup. And, today I have a review of Cover FX primers. Yep. All of them.

I tried them all so you could see if you like ‘em. After all, I am your guinea pig!

Cover FX PrimersCover FX has 4 primers to choose from. Each has its own focus. Of the 3 face primers, you have the SPF 30 Protection Primer, Anti-Aging Primer and Mattifying Primer With Anti-Acne Treatment. There’s also the Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer for when you just want to prime your eyes.

Before I get into each primer individually, I have to say that the best thing about all Cover FX primers: they aren’t tinted.

Normally, face primers have a tint to them. Usually a light beige. So, darker-skinned gals would be like, “Oh bummer! No shade for me!” But these primers are clear. Yay! They have a slightly greasy base that reminds me of Vaseline.

Cover FX SPF 30 PrimerThe Cover FX SPF 30 Protection Primer ($38) uses octocrylene (11%), homosalate (7.5%), octisalate (5%) and avobenzone (3.5%) to provide SPF 30 sun protection. It works for all skin types.

I was bummed about the octisalate, as that tends to irritate my skin. Sadness.

I will say that I liked how it smoothed out my skin and, like all the primers in this list, it made my foundation look better. Plus, it’s vegan, so that’s always good.

Cover FX Anti-Aging PrimerThe Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer ($38) uses Coenzyme Q10 and MultiPeptide Complex for its anti-aging powers. It’s best for people with normal to dry skin.

I can’t tell if this primer actually anti-ages. That’s a really hard one to verify. But, it did do well as a primer and it worked well with my sensitive skin. So, that’s a plus!

coverFXPrimer04The Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment ($38) features salicylic acid (1%), which has been known to help those with acne. It’s best for those with normal to oily skin.

Is this better at a matte finish than the other primers? Yes, but not by much. Since you can mattify any primer by applying a powder over it, this is only helpful if you’re using it without makeup. Then you’ll like that it’s mattifying!

Cover FX Eye PrimerThe Cover FX Anti-Aging Smoothing Eye Primer ($34) is just for the eyes and uses Peptide Flash Complex to firm skin, making it look younger. This is good for all skin types.

While this eye primer had great staying power and my eye shadow looked great all day, it did crease. Yeah, that’s a bummer. And since there are eye primers out there that don’t crease, you might want to go with something else.

The Final Verdict

There are definitely good sides to these primers. All the face primers made my foundation look great. They also didn’t have a tint! But did they live up to all of their promises? Not as much. Did I like the Cover FX primers as much as I absolutely loved my best friend, Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation? Nope.

For all of these reasons, I give all of the Cover FX primers, collectively, a…


You can pick up these primers at the Cover FX website or on Amazon.


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  1. The anti aging primer sounds good to me. I’ll have to try it! Thank you for the review as I have very sensitive skin.

  2. These sound pretty disappointing, especially the eye primer. I think I will stuck with Too Faced Shadow Insurance for the eyes, and to Pupa Professionals Smoothing Foundation Primer for the face. Thanks for the review.

  3. aw man! I was rooting for these because the packaging is so nice and clean, I’m really loving it. But thanks for saving us all some money 🙂

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