Butter LONDON Nail Polish in Bobby Dazzler is Like Liquid Metal

Imagine dipping your fingers into a vat of molten metal. Besides the fact that it would hurt like the Dickens, you’d probably end up with some awesome metallic nails in the process. That’s the scenario I dreamed up after a few coats of the butter LONDON nail polish in Bobby Dazzler from their Summer Holiday Collection.

butter LONDON Nail Polish in Bobby Dazzler - Indirect Light

Bobby Dazzler is described as an “opaque silver chrome.” In the bottle, it has a bit of a bronze tinge, but that’s not so apparent once on the nail.

After two coats of this, I just couldn’t help staring at my nails all the time. That’s a good sign!

I found myself thinking…

“Look at how shiny it is! Look at it when I move my hand around. Wow, it’s even shiny and metallic in low light. It looks pretty awesome from the glow of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone emanating from my TV. Shiny, shiny!”

And it’s true. It does look cool in different lights. The above picture is in indirect sunlight.

butter LONDON Nail Polish in Bobby Dazzler - Direct LightAnd here it is in direct sunlight. Different, right?

Bobby Dazzler is awesomely opaque in only two coats and doesn’t chip right away. Just like with the other butter LONDON nail polish I’ve tried, it’s pretty high quality. Still, the shade isn’t super original, despite being awesome.

For these reasons, I give Bobby Dazzler an…


You can pick this up individually at butter LONDON’s website, Ulta, Nordstrom and Amazon for $15, or as a part of the Summer Vacation Collection trio at QVC for $28.


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  1. That looks so pretty!

  2. hahhaha “Besides the fact that it would hurt like the Dickens,” love that phrase. You’re right, this shade totally looks like molten metal. Very cool 🙂

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