Would You Do the 31 Day Nail Challenge?

Have you heard of the 31 Day Nail Challenge?

I hadn’t heard of it until just recently when I was perusing the Nail Polish Lovers community on Google Plus (you can get a lot of awesome nail inspiration there, so I suggest joining.)

A member posted this 31 day challenge:

The 31 Day Nail Challenge31 days of nail art! You do your nails differently every day for a month and post about it on your blog or social media accounts. Or, heck, you could just do it for yourself for fun.

I was intrigued. And, during my research into finding who started this challenge (I was unsuccessful. Do you know who made this?), I saw that a ton of beauty and nail bloggers had taken up the challenge

Here are some nail bloggers who have done the challenge:

There’s some good inspiration right there.

Would you do the 31 day nail challenge?

Would you really do your nails differently every day? And would you post pictures of your creations online? Tell us your answers in the comments below!

And, if you’ve done this already, I’d love to get a link to your challenge pictures.

Personally, I’m seriously thinking about doing this. As you know, I love doing some cool nail polish. Of course, I’ll let you know if I do the challenge so you can see it all in action!


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  1. This is such a cool challenge! I’m too lazy to change my nail polishes every day, and I suck at nail art anyway, but I’m really curious to see what others are coming up with.

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