The Pixi Daylight Glow Collection is Pretty in Pink

Did you know it was almost Mother’s Day? The big day—where you show your mom just how much you love her, perhaps with a handmade macaroni-covered greeting card—is just a few days away. Whether you’re looking for a gift for her, or you want something cool for yourself, you may have been eyeing the Pixi Daylight Glow Collection the last time you were at Target.

If you’re like me, you eye a lot of things at Target. That place is a goldmine.

Anyway, back to the subject…

Pixi Daylight Glow CollectionThe Pixi Daylight Glow Collection is a kit that comes with a cute pink makeup bag, a nail polish, a lip balm and an eye shadow quad.

Pixi Daylight Glow Collection makeup bagThe makeup bag is just plain adorable. It’s a soft pink that works for just about everyone. Plus, that zipper pull is awesome.

It’s about 6 inches wide, 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches thick. In other words: this thing has lots of room. It can fit way more that what comes with the kit.

Speaking of which…

Pixi Daylight Glow Collection contentsThe collection comes with:

  • Pixi Nail Polish in Mother of Pearl
  • Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Lucent Glow
  • Pixi Mini Shade Quartette in Shades of Daylight

The eye shadow quad is travel-sized while the other two are full sizes. Let’s meet them individually, shall we?

Pixi Nail Polish in Mother of PearlIt’s hard to capture the iridescent shimmer of the Mother of Pearl nail polish in a photograph. You’ll just have to trust me here.

This sheer polish has a very pretty shimmer and glows pink when the light hits it just right. If you prefer opaque nail polish, then you probably won’t like this. Then again, you could always put it over a white base.

Pixi Tinted Brilliance BalmThe Tinted Brilliance Balm in Lucent Glow is a bit of false advertising. It really isn’t tinted. As you can see from the swatch above, it doesn’t have any color. Just shimmer.

However, I love this thing. It’s my favorite from the kit. I have tried several of Pixi’s Tinted Brilliance Balms and this is by far my favorite. The shimmer is super pretty and I got compliments when I wore it out.

Pixi Mini Shade QuartetteThe Mini Shade Quartette in Shades of Daylight is mini indeed.

While the colors are perfect for a daytime eye shadow look, they weren’t as pigmented as I would like. Still, they glided on and blended super well, as is usually the case for Pixi eye shadows.

The Pixi Daylight Glow Collection: The Final Verdict

My two favorite things about this kit are the makeup bag and the lip balm (despite the lip balm not actually being “tinted.”) I loved them. While the nail polish and eye shadow quad were nice, they weren’t as impressive as the other two. For these reasons, I give the Pixi Daylight Glow Collection a…


You can pick this up at the Pixi website, Target and Amazon for $28 suggested retail price.


PS: Happy early Mother’s Day! Are you doing anything awesome for the big day? I’m totally taking my mom to The Great Gatsby.

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  1. That makeup bag is adorable! But the products didn’t wow me, I love more pigmented shades.

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