How I #DareToBare With NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration (And Look Like a Flower Girl)

The beginning of my Memorial Day weekend was spent wandering around my mom’s yard as she took pictures of me in a very cute dress.

I have photographic proof!

NIVEA #DareToBare ChallengeDespite the sunshine, it was pretty darn cold outside. Total goosebumps happening right there, I promise.

See, NIVEA wanted me to try the new NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10 for their #DareToBare challenge.

They sent me a gift certificate to Shop Bop and I picked out that super cute white dress by BB Dakota. I ended up looking like an adorable adult-sized flower girl. In a good way of course.

All I needed was a basket of flower petals that I could sprinkle in my rose-scented wake.

NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration lotionAs for the NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10, I liked it overall. I used it on my legs for about two weeks.

My very favorite thing? It not only left my skin super soft, but it lasted all day. Really, it offered 24 hours of softness. Even waking up the next day, my legs were still super soft.

Does it firm skin, though? That, I couldn’t verify. I didn’t notice much of a change. But the long-lasting moisture means I’ll be using it all the time anyway.

Stay tuned for a #DareToBare giveaway tomorrow!

If you’re thinking of trying this lotion, come back to Makeup Files tomorrow. I’ll be having a very awesome giveaway, which includes this NIVEA lotion. And other cool stuff!

Believe me, you’ll love it.

UPDATE: You can now enter the NIVEA and $150 Shop Bop gift certificate giveaway!

Disclaimer: While this post was sponsored by NIVEA, my opinions are my own and are completely honest based on my own experience.


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  1. Oh I love that first picture, you look adorable! I have the body oil of this Nivea line, and I like that one a lot. I bet the body lotion is great as well.

  2. You look so cute! That lotion sounds like something I would like to try.

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