Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish is Seriously Deep

You’ve probably heard of gel nail polish by now. It’s a type of nail polish, usually set with a UV light, that’s supposed to last a lot longer than traditional nail polish.

Well, plenty of nail polish brands are coming out with their own at-home gel nail polishes, and Layla is no exception. Thus, I’ve reviewed for you their new Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish line.


Today, I’ve got two shades of Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish, and they don’t need a UV light. That’s one thing I can leave off my to-do list!

laylaGelEffects01On my left hand, we’ve got the deep blood red of Extravagant.

This is such a lovely, deep color. The gel nail polish goes on nice and thick, and you can tell right away that it isn’t your typical nail polish. The above picture is just two coats of the polish.

Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish in Smooth PurpleOn my right hand, we have the deep and royal Smooth Purple.

You can see that these two shades are very similar. From far away, they look the same, but up close you can see the subtle shade difference. This one also has only two coats.

Hello, pretty colors!

But, does it last two weeks?

While this stuff goes on beautifully and gives you a rock hard, top quality manicure that dries super quickly, the real test is the staying power.

After all, most people choose a gel manicure because it lasts longer than regular nail polish.

The nails on my right hand (my main hand) lasted 6 days before chipping.

The nails on my left hand lasted 8 days before chipping.

While that is indeed longer than many brands of traditional nail polish, it didn’t last the two weeks that you’d expect from a gel manicure. Granted, I didn’t use a top coat because they say it’s optional. Perhaps it would last a lot longer with one.

Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish: The Final Verdict

While it may not last as long as you’d expect, these gel nail polishes are still really high quality. They have deep, beautiful color, glide on smooth and dry quickly to a rock hard finish. Plus, they still last a bit longer than most traditional nail polishes. For these reasons, I give the Layla Gel Effect Nail Polishes a…


You can pick these up at Zappos for $15 a piece.


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  1. Good to know, my regular nail polish usually chips after a day or so, even with a top coat. That’s why I don’t wear nail polish much at all. I think I may give the gel polish a try. I like the Purple shade best.

  2. That’s a long time for a manicure to last! Especially one you can do at home. I love the idea of gel/long-lasting nails, but honestly I get so bored after a couple days that I always like to switch it up constantly haha. This would be a good option for travel though!

  3. Smooth Purple is very pretty. And I’m impressed by their staying power. Most nail polishes last 3 days on me!

  4. I love the smooth purple color. Well it lasts very long and is it expensive ?

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