Butter LONDON Nail Polish in Silly Billy and Pimms is Hit or Miss

Orange and yellow are two of the hardest colors for nail polish companies to get right. Usually both shades are too see-through and not nearly opaque enough. So, when I say that the new butter LONDON Colour Clash Collection had both an orange and a yellow, I had to see it for myself.

After all, butter LONDON is usually pretty high quality.

butter LONDON Colour Clash Collection: Silly BillyThe orange from the butter LONDON Colour Clash Collection, called Silly Billy, is actually a pretty nice shade. The above picture is just two coats.

For the most part, Silly Billy is pretty opaque. It certainly looks that way in the picture. However, in certain lights, you can see through. In those cases, it’s not that cute.

Still, color-wise, it’s one of the better orange nail polishes around.

butter LONDON Colour Clash Collection: PimmsThe yellow in the Colour Clash Collection, called Pimms, gives me mixed feelings. The above picture features two coats and is way more opaque than any other yellow nail polish I’ve tried. Success!

However, it has two bad points:

  1. It took forever to dry. Way longer than the orange or any other butter LONDON I’ve tried. About 45 minutes after I was done applying it, I got that gouge you see on the nail of my index finger.
  2. It might look a little cheap. I didn’t think so, but someone I know made that comment. She liked the orange but thought the yellow looked cheap. I can kind of see it now, when you consider the quality of the edges near my cuticles. The orange didn’t have that problem.

butter LONDON Colour Clash Collection in Silly Billy and Pimms: The Final Verdict

I have mixed feelings about this. Up until now, the butter LONDON I’ve tried has been pretty awesome. But, while there are good things about these orange and yellow colors, they also have their downsides.

I was impressed by Pimms’ opaqueness, but that doesn’t totally make up for its faults. For these reasons, I give Silly Billy and Pimms a…


You can pick these up at the butter LONDON website for $15 each.


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