3 Minute Makeup Challenge: My Ambitious Video

3 Minute Makeup ChallengeHave you heard of the 3 minute makeup challenge going around YouTube and the beauty blogging world?

Basically, you attempt to do your makeup in just 3 minutes.

It’s a lot harder than you think, guys. I learned that the hard way by being way too ambitious for my own good. Check it out!

Here’s what I used:

Of course, I would have used more if I hadn’t run out of time. Oh, the ambition I had.

Do you think I should do the 3 minute makeup challenge again? Perhaps I shouldn’t try to make it so difficult next time.

Will you do the 3 minute makeup challenge?

Would you be able to do your regular makeup in only 3 minutes. Believe me, it’s harder than you think.

Have you done the challenge already? I’d love to see your video!


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  1. Good Video, 3 minutes does go by fast. I think the makeup looked good , even though you didn’t get all the eyeshadow colors. I’ve heard of the 5 minute makeover, but not the 3 minute. Sounds like a fun challenge.

  2. Oh BTW, I hope nothing broke when something went crashing down 🙂

  3. I agree with Coleen. The makeup looks great even if you didn’t have the time to finish it. I think you did an awesome job. 3 minutes is such little time. I doubt I could apply more than a wash of cream eyeshadow, foundation and lipgloss in that time. Maybe some mascara too if I’m really quick.

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