Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color in Gold Album

Have you seen the new Wet N Wild Fergie makeup line? I’ve liked some Fergie merchandise in the past, despite not necessarily being a fan of her music. I thought I might as well try something from the Wet N Wild line as the odds were good that I’d like it.

I reached for the Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color in Gold Album! I love nail polish…

Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color in Gold AlbumThis was just two coats of Gold Album. It’s a nice glittery, shimmery gold shade. It’s not as metallic as butter LONDON Bobby Dazzler nail polish, but it’s still pretty awesome.

And considering that the Wet N Wild Fergie nail polish is only around $3.50 a bottle, I’d say that’s good.

It especially looks good while wearing gold rings! I feel all rich and fancy.

I give this shade a…


You can pick this up at drugstores, big box stores and Amazon.

Have you heard that Fergie is legally changing her name?

No, she’s not going to go by Dusty or Travis or something now. She’s actually changing her name to Fergie!

That’s right. Her real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, but she wants to change it officially to Fergie Duhamel (the last name is from her husband, the super handsome Josh Duhamel).

What do you think of the name change? I think it’s a very good choice.


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  1. That’s a lovely shade!

  2. I like the Gold! Looks good!

  3. ohhh pretty pretty. I really like the finish on this shade! Well done Fergie LOL

  4. This line of nail polishes is excellent .. I have the Crest Syrah (purple/wine) and it’s not only a lovely color, but wears really well .. minimal chipping.

    Monica, http://www.pear-shaped-gal.com/2013/02/wet-n-wild-ferguson-crest-syrah-nail.html

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