My Mall of America Makeup Haul VIDEO

I live in the mountainous state of Montana. While it’s cool to have mountains and all, it’s not cool that I’m limited in the makeup I can buy. All I have are drugstores, big box stores and department stores in which to get my makeup fix. There’s no Sephora in sight!

Well, last week I went on a road trip back to my home state of Minnesota. And what do they have there?

The Mall of America!

Yep, the biggest shopping mall in the United States. So, of course they have makeup stores there that I can’t find in Montana.

Thus, I went shopping like crazy and came back home with an awesome Mall of America makeup haul. (In addition to getting some cute outfits at H&M and Forever 21.)

Of course, I made a video so I could show you everything I got!

Eee! Makeup shopping!

Mall of America Makeup HaulHere’s what I got for my Mall of America Makeup Haul:

At Nordstrom Rack:

At Sigma Beauty:

At Sephora:

At Walgreens:

This makeup haul is awesome. I have so much to play with right now, it’s unreal. Time to experiment!

Watch for these products on Makeup Files soon!

As I mentioned in the video, I plan to show off some or all of these products on Makeup Files in the near future. I’m especially excited about the Sigma Crème de Couture palette and the Kiss Maleficent nail art kit.

Do you already own any of the above? Is there anything you want me to show you of the products I got for my makeup haul?

Let me know in the comments!


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