Mandarina Duck Cute Pink Fragrance Review

Remember the super cute Moschino perfume I reviewed a few days ago? I talked about how is giving 15% of sales on pink perfumes to breast cancer research in October. Well, I’m here to show you another contender with today’s Mandarina Duck Cute Pink fragrance review.

Mandarina Duck Cute Pink fragrance review: The BoxMandarina Duck’s Cute Pink gets me right away with that pink box. I’ve mentioned I love pink, right? I think I have.

Plus, butterflies!

Mandarina Duck Cute Pink fragrance review: The BottleThe bottle is a mostly straight-forward rectangle, except that there’s an indent in one side of the back of the bottle. I’m not sure what the purpose is. Maybe just to be cool?

mandarinaDuckPink02Cute Pink’s scent is described as having notes of raspberry, blackcurrant, peach, sandalwood and musk.

To me, the musk overpowers the sweeter scents. Right when I smelled this, it transported me back to childhood because it smelled just like Malibu Musk. That’s this body spray that Walgreens has sold since the early ‘90s. They still do, and the packaging hasn’t even changed.

What does that mean? This isn’t a very original scent.

On the plus side, Mandarina Duck Cute Pink doesn’t fade like Moschino Pink Bouquet did. It lasts for hours. So, if you like the scent, you can be confident you’ll be smelling awesome for most of the day.

Mandarina Duck Cute Pink Fragrance Review: The Final Verdict

Cute Pink had a cute box and bottle, as well as some good staying power. Unfortunately, the musky scent lacked originality. I’ve smelled the scent before. For these reasons, I give it a…


You can pick up the 3.4 oz bottle for $58(though sells it for $29.06). Remember, if you buy it from during the month of October, 15% of the sale goes to breast cancer awareness. Bonus!


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  1. This sounds like one I would like:) I liked the Malibu Musk.

  2. I don’t think I’d like this scent, but the bottle is very cute!

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