Nails of the Day: Midnight Sparkles With Loose Nail Glitter

Remember that nail art kit I got while at the Mall of America? If not, you should totally go check out my MOA Makeup Haul video. It’s awesome.

If you did see it, then you know that I got the Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kit from Walgreens. It comes with a whole bunch of nail art stuff including loose nail glitter, caviar beads and nail art stickers.

I couldn’t resist it any longer, and I had to try out the loose nail glitter.

NOTD: Midnight Sparkles with Loose Nail GlitterO…M…G.

I call it Midnight Sparkles, because why not?

Look how bold that is! It’s even brighter and sparklier in real life, if you can believe it.

I used the gold glitter near the cuticle, the fuchsia glitter in the middle, and the blue/violet glitter at the tip.

I basically love this. At first I was blown away by how bold it was, but now I think it’s the bee’s knees. What do you think?

Wondering how to use loose nail glitter?

This was the first time I’ve ever used it. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I did a base coat of Wet N Wild MegaLast nail polish in Through the Grapevine. It’s a sort of fuchsia/purple color.
  2. Then, I used the clear top coat from the Disney Villains nail art kit wherever I wanted to use the glitter. So, for the gold, I used the top coat on a third of the nail.
  3. In the beginning, I used a dry brush to add the glitter to the wet top coat, but that was unwieldly. In the end, it worked best to dip my nail directly into a pile of the glitter.
  4. I used the gold glitter on each nail, then moved on to the second layer for each nail, and then the third. I used the top coat only as I did each color, and not over the whole nail all at once.
  5. Finally, I used the top coat a few times over the glitter to keep it in place (after I was completely done with all shades). Done!

It was easier than I expected, but way messy.

Would you try this out? I could always take pictures or video of the process if you’d like.


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  1. It’s so beautiful and bold, love it!

  2. That is awesome! Love the colors, looks Great!

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