How to Create Nail Polish Storage With Ikea Spice Racks

Lately, I organized all my beauty products and found great makeup storage options for everything—except nail polish. I was at a loss for how I wanted to handle nail polish storage, and then I found out about Ikea spice racks.

I went out, got the Bekvam spice racks, and rocked those suckers until they adequately stored my nail polish.

Nail Polish Storage from Ikea Spice RacksWant to find out how you can get nail polish racks like the picture above? Then read on while I show you how to do it!

Step 1: Assemble the Ikea Spice Racks

Nail Polish Storage: Bekvam Spice RacksThe spice racks in question are called Bekvam. Cool name, right?

If you pick them up in the store, they’re only $3.99 a piece (a bargain!) At the time I got these, they didn’t sell them online. Now they do, so you’re in luck!

I wasn’t sure how many I needed, but I came home with 3. It seemed like a magic number.

Nail Polish Rack: The PiecesHere’s what comes in each pack:

  • Directions (which are just pictures, and no words)
  • All the screws and wood dowel-y things you need (except the stuff that goes in the wall)
  • An Allen wrench for screwing in the screws.
  • The wood pieces

You can see it all in the picture above.

Nail Polish Rack: Assembly 1First, you put the wooden railing in the ends of both side pieces. Both side pieces. It’ll be loose, but that’ll be taken care of in the next few steps.

Nail Polish Rack: Assembly 2Place the dowel-y things in the big holes at each end of the largest piece of wood. Don’t worry about them being pushed all the way down.

Nail Polish Storage: Assembly 3Press the section with the railing down on the large piece of wood so that those dowels fit into the holes at the bottom of both side pieces. Press down all the way. Things should be sturdier now.

Nail Polish Storage: Assembly 4Flip it upside down and screw in all 4 screws using the provided Allen wrench. If you twirl it like the picture above, it’ll be easy-peasy. Make sure you tighten it up nice so it doesn’t fall apart.

Nail Polish Storage: Assembly 5You’re done assembling the Ikea spice rack! It really was that easy. Now repeat these steps for each rack you bought.

Step 2: Paint Your Shelves

You may like the natural wood of the shelves. If that’s the case, you can skip this step. But, if you’re a painting type, then read on.

(You may be wondering why I’m painting the shelves after assembly, rather than before. Because–that’s why!)

Nil Polish Storage: The PaintI decided to paint my nail polish racks white. I used the leftover white Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint I used in my DIY Framed Ribbon Art post.

If you’re picking a color other than white, you’ll want to use a white primer first. That’s just Painting Things 101.

Nail Polish Storage: Painting the Ikea Spice RacksI set out some newspaper and painted the shelves. Then I let them dry overnight.

The longer you let them dry, the better. Plus, you get to demonstrate your awesome patience skills.

Step 3: Hanging Your Shelves

If you’ve ever hung something, then you know what to do.

Experts would tell you to use a stud finder to find a stud and a level to make sure that you’re shelves are level and your nail polish collection won’t just roll off and crash to the floor.

Well, I didn’t have a stud finder or a level. Trisha had to improvise (and briefly write in third person, apparently.)

Nail Polish Racks: NailsFor this project, I picked up a pack of nails at Walgreens. They were assorted sizes, but I went with the ones that had the largest nail head.

Nail Polish Storage: Marking the WallHold your top rack where you want it on the wall (I decided to make my topmost nail polish rack at eye level). Once it’s in place and level (or seemingly level), mark on the wall with pencil right above each end of the rack, right in the middle of where the side pieces touch the wall.

Nail Polish Storage: Hammering the NailBang a nail in each hole. Leave a little bit of it sticking out so the racks have something to hang onto.

Nail Polish Storage: The First RackPlace the topmost rack on the wall! Doesn’t it look glorious?

Now, at this point I took a solid half hour trying to decide how to proceed from here. In the end, I decided to leave that rack up there, then measure 6 inches down from the bottom of that rack, which would then serve as the point where the next screws would go in. Then I repeated the process of holding the rack up, leveling it (or whatever) and marking where the screws should go.

In the end, the racks are about 5 inches apart. That gives enough room so it’s easy to grab your favorite nail polish and even add some taller things to the shelves.

Nail Polish Storage: Empty RacksDo this with the rest of your racks, placing them on the wall as you go. Doesn’t it look adorable?

Step 4: Load Up Your New Nail Polish Storage Shelves

You’re done! Now you can add nail polish to your shelves.

Nail Polish Storage: Loading Your Nail PolishI decided to organize my nail polish by brand and then by color. This is the Sinful Colors shelf.

Because these shelves are deep, you can fit at least two rows of nail polish on each shelf.

Nail Polish Storage: The Finished PoductIn the end, 3 shelves were just right. I have a little bit of room to add more polishes. And if my collection ever gets bigger, I can always get another Ikea spice rack to add on.

Here’s a video walkthrough of my new nail polish storage so you can see more of how it turned out.

Honestly, I love my new shelves. Every time I go in my bedroom, I’m like, “Look at that!” It’s much better than piling them all on top of my dresser, that’s for sure.


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  1. What a Great idea! Perfect for the nail polish and it looks so pretty too:)
    I think one shelf would be enough for my nail polish collection. Thanks for the idea and “How to”.

  2. Thank you for this post! After reading it I did the same for my collection! I posted about it on my blog if you want to see the finished product. But seriously though-these racks are all over the internet but yours was the only one that was thorough and complete and easy to follow. Thank you!

  3. I love this idea. Went to Ikea the next day and picked up 3 myself. Question tho. Where you shelves strong enough to hold the nail polishes even by just nailing the shelves into drywall? This is my biggest concern and why I haven’t hung mine yet. Thanks!!

    • Hi, AB!

      Nail polish is pretty light, so you might get by just fine with drywall alone, but, if you have a way of figuring out where a stud is behind the wall (whether through tapping or using a stud finder), you’d def be better off hammering on side of the shelves to that stud. Just in case!

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