My Daily Beauty Transformation Video

Hey guys! Since you visit my blog, you probably know that makeup can really transform the way a person looks. Well, I thought I’d prove this by recording my daily beauty transformation.

That’s right: I recorded my process—from just out of the shower, to putting on makeup, to washing it all off at the end of the day. You can really see the difference! In fact…

My Daily Beauty Transformation: Before and AfterHere’s photographic proof of my transformation!

On the left, I’m freshly out of the shower. On the right, I’ve done my hair and makeup.

I’m not going to say that I “went from ugly to pretty.” I’ve been seeing that phrase quite a bit on the internet (by women who definitely aren’t ugly.) No, I just went from no makeup to makeup. That’s all. I’m pretty regardless—and so are you!

What are you waiting for? Watch the video! I’ve sped up the process, so it’s not that long.

So different. Open-mouthed smile

Wondering what I used during my daily beauty transformation video? Wonder no more!

In the morning:

A few hours later:

At the end of the day:

All written out like that, it seems like an awful lot of products to use in one day. But, as I’m doing it, it doesn’t seem like that much at all.

Do you use this many products every day? More? Less?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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  1. omg…amazing transformation ya! Loved ur blog! following u now! New like on fb from Me!

  2. You look gorgeous Trisha, both with and without makeup! I agree with you, there are no ugly women. We are all beautiful in our own way.

    By the way, I love that lip colour.

  3. That was a fun video to watch:) Fun to see the skin care and makeup applied in fast motion.
    Big difference and you do look great before and after.

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